GALVESTON — Children visiting the Rosenberg Library in Galveston reviewed books they read this summer. They are as follows:

“Junie B. Jones Toothless Wonder,” by Barbara Park

This book was funny! Junie B. thought the tooth fairy was a tooth witch with a toothbrush broom! It was nice because she figured out the tooth fairy wasn’t so scary. 

Cameron Cherryhomes

Second grade

Oppe Elementary


“Olivia Goes to the Library,” by Lauren Forte

Olivia goes to the library for story time and looses her book. All of the helpful people search for her book. She finds it and checks it out. Yea!

Sweetly Musick

Third grade

Parker Elementary


“The Book that Eats People,” by John Perry

You will really like this book, but beware. It eats people. This is just a warning. You’re very lucky if it doesn’t eat you. But check it out anyway. Just be careful.

Lydia Campbell

Second grade

Oppe Elementary


“The School for Good and Evil,” by Soman Chainchani

I love this book. The main characters, Agatha and Sophie, take you on an adventure exploring the world of good and evil. The book explores having to accept the fact that even though someone is beautiful, that doesn’t always mean they have a good heart.

This fantasy book took me on a journey to see what it is like to be good or evil, and why they oppose each other. This is a summer must-read.

Suzanna Bridges

Fifth grade


“Mia and the Daisy Dance,” by Robin Farley

I like how the author wrote the book. It really reminds me of my ballet. I like it because it talks about helping, having friends and dancing. It is really an amazing book. A friend can always help you if you are scared. Friends are the best thing you can have.

Nicole Sallee

Second grade


“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” by Roald Dahl

When people start spying on Willy Wonka’s secret recipes, he decides to close down. One day, Willy Wonka invites five children to his factory. Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt and Mike Teavee are the first four winners that don’t have good behavior. Charlie eagerly hopes he can find the last ticket. Will he find it, or not?   

Kyle Tan

Fifth grade

Holy Family Catholic School


“Biscuit,” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Biscuit is a dog who wants a lot of things. He wants his blanket, his kiss, his hug for the night, his doll and a light on. I like Biscuit because he is a funny and playful dog.

Aviana Jaramillo

First grade


“Scat,” by Carl Hiaasen

This book is very great. Carl Hiaasen caught my mind in a trap with the story almost immediately. I think Carl Hiaasen should write more books than the ones he has written.

Joshua Paulson

Fourth grade

Oppe Elementary


“Houdini The Handcuff King,” by Jason Lutes

“Houdini The Handcuff King” was about the daring and courageous life of Houdini. It was a very interesting story made into a comic book style. I recommend this book to you if you like biographies and chapter books with comical features.

Abigail Becka

Fifth grade



“The Boys’ Book: How to be the best at everything,” by Dominique Enright

This is a very handy book. Did you ever wonder how to:

Fight off a crocodile? 

Rip a phone book in half?

Escape quicksand? 

Speak in code?

Read your friends’ minds?

Find out more in the book.

Joshua Smith

Fifth grade



“Exploring Islands,” by Melody S. Mis

I live on an island, and I wanted to find out more about where I live. This book has it all, and I didn’t want to put this book down.

Charlee Alexander

Fifth grade

Austin Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


“The Candymakers,” by Wendy Mass

This book was full of unexpected surprises. It is about four kids who compete to make a great candy that would be distributed to the world! You get to meet many characters and learn who they truly are, when you read this thrilling book.

Mehar Sharma

Fifth grade

Austin Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

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