My name is Paul Tibaldo, and I am president of the Galveston County Fair and Rodeo. I would like to invite everyone out to our fair that runs from Friday to April 12 at Jack Brooks Park.

It is for sure a good time, and there is plenty to see and do. We have something for everyone. 

My family has been a big part of the fair for decades. I am honored to have raised my own children in our fair — as teenagers they participated in the show arena and now as adults they serve on the board of directors.

We as a family have countless memories of good times connected to our fair. I am proud to serve as president.

I can tell you all about the family fun you can find out at the fair. For example, the lights and sounds of the carnival and all the rides will be the backdrop for many laughs.

Or maybe it’s the smell of a fried food stand ... frying up another mouthwatering concoction that we waited for all year.

The time spent at the fair can be one that recalls memories of our younger days, like at our Senior Citizen day.

A little nostalgia is good for us all. Or maybe our fair is the one outing that allows a child living with intellectual or physical disabilities an up-close and hands-on experience at our fair and rodeo’s Special Kids’ day.

I can share with you the grand rodeo action you will see or how you can cheer on your favorite little cowboy or cowgirl in the mutton bustin’.

And we cannot forget the seafood and barbecue cook-offs or the spectacular entrainment lineup we have featuring Cody Johnson, Kevin Fowler, Emilio, Spazmatics, Wayne Toups and Kyle Park.

I can boast about the new events to our fair like the wine room, featuring wines from award winning Texas wineries or the Mexican bull fighting that is sure to be a fan favorite on Go Tejano Day.

But today I want to tell you the reason we put on this fair. It’s for the students of Galveston County.

Last year, we were able to award over $55,0000 in scholarships and raise over $456,900 through our Junior Livestock Auction. And each year, we continue to grow and able to help more deserving students.

Our kids work hard in raising their animals; they learn responsibility, dedication and the real sense of commitment.

We hope you and your family will make it out to the Galveston County Fair and Rodeo and make your own memories.

Tickets can be purchased online or you can buy them at the front gate. We have park and ride services available for your convenience.

Paul Tibaldo is president of the Galveston County Fair and Rodeo.

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