“Minnie & Moo Hooves of Fire,” by Denys Cazet, Creston Books LLC.

When John and Millie Farmer leave the farm on a two-week vacation, Moo comes up with a great idea.

Minnie didn’t agree but since the two winsome cows were best friends, Minnie went along with the worst idea she’d ever heard. They invited all the animals from the neighboring farms to the First Animal Talent Festival. What could go wrong?

Elvis, the rooster whose voice made the sun come up, grabbed the microphone and inserted himself into everyone’s act. The crowd kept shouting, “girls! girls! girls!”

Minnie kept watching the hyenas, the coyotes and the weasels suspiciously. Every time she saw one of them, her first thought was “trouble.”

They actually did organize a surprise racing event as they pushed the Port-A-Potties down the hill. Why did she worry with Big Vinnie and Little Vinnie in charge of security?

Minnie ordered six éclairs, a dozen cream puffs and two Danishes to go. She didn’t trust anyone, so she sat on the cash box considering it the most secure place.

The sheep’s protest song stirred up Dog, but Minnie objected to the “b” word being spoken in public. Her suggestion was that they refer to that part of a sheep’s anatomy as gluteus maximums, but they needed a word that rhymed with “mutt.”

When Porkus played the blues on his guitar, he brought down the house. The talent festival continued with original poetry, a magic act, “Heehaw” jokes and singing duets.

With a comical use of word play and takeoffs of familiar songs, the reader wonders what the next page will reveal about the clever animals’ night to remember.

The Farmers were especially happy when they found an old envelope in their mailbox filled with money for their next vacation. Their animals had raised the money with their festival.

JoAn Watson Martin is an educator.

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