“Life’s Lessons with the Silly Animals Out On the Ranch,” by Cindy Crawford Garrett, illustrated by: Allison Garrett, CreateSpace.

A curious little bull, son of Sassy the cow, knows very little about life. When Trooper notices Bob, the rooster, doing his mating dance, he laughs and asks his mama what’s going on.

Sassy says, “He’s just doing his job.”

“What is your job, Mama?” Trooper asks.

Sassy proudly answers that she provides milk and cheese to keep people healthy.

“Everyone has a job so the world will continue to go round and round,” she says.

“Think how important teachers, farmers, waitresses and store clerks are.”

When Sassy mentioned doctors and nurses, Trooper asked about doctors for animals called vets. Sassy remembered the entertainment that dancing bears and all circus performers, musicians, rodeo riders and slapstick comedians do.

Sassy takes the opportunity to impress on Trooper the valuable work of our first responders, firemen and policemen, even military careers that protect our freedoms.

Cindy Garrett’s “Life’s Lessons” will expand a child’s mind and help him to recognize there is a larger world beyond his back yard.

Garrett views books as a way to reinforce to children and adults the contributions everyone makes through the effort they put into their jobs.

Allison Garrett’s colored pencils pictures bring the reader into the story and create in the reader a sense of stepping into the scene.

JoAn Watson Martin is an educator.

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