GALVESTON — Galveston Historical Foundation’s Preservation U courses return at 10 a.m. Saturday at the 1940 Sears Building, 2228 Broadway.

Led by industry professionals and foundation staff, the courses continue monthly through June on a variety of topics.

Reservations are encouraged and can be made at www.galveston or by calling 409-750-9108. The website also lists detailed information on each course, address and time.

Preservation U is sponsored by Chalmer’s Hardware. The courses are $12 per person or $10 for foundation members.

Those attending the first gardening class will learn which plants are well adapted to the extremes of drought, wind and salt conditions of coastal living as well as the principles needed to create an oasis for birds, butterflies as well as a personal retreat in an increasingly urbanized world.

“Increasingly, homeowners around the country are creating gardens to attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife,” guest lecturer Glenn Olsen said.

“These natural-habitat gardens use plants native to the region and can create a thriving natural ecosystem, reducing the need for fertilizers, pesticides, watering and maintenance.

“Not only are these gardens attractive to wildlife, they provide an interesting, healthy environment for people.

“For residents of Galveston and Bolivar, this class will be of timely interest due to the loss of trees, shrubs and other plants as a result of hurricanes.”

Additionally, this course is approved for advanced training credit by the Texas Master Naturalist program and for SBEC credit for teachers.

Topics will include the following:

• Soil types and preparation;

• Garden concepts and design;

• Plant selection for Galveston and Bolivar;

• Plant diversity and placement;

• Plants that attract birds and butterflies;

• Bird baths, fountains, ponds and other water features;

• Being a good neighbor and gardener; and

• Certifying your garden as a wildlife habitat.

Contact Will Wright, 409-765-3404 or

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