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Robert Buckner

I agree with Bill Read. Another foot or two of surge would have toppled the levee around Texas City and LaMarque increasing damages and possibly the loss of life.

Mark Johnson

Another fear mongering headline. Of course Ike could have been much worse. If it hit at high tide it could have been much worse. If it had been a catagory 4 or 5 it could have been much worse. If it had spawned more tornados it could have been much worse. If it had hit on Labor Day weekend it could have been much worse.
every damaging weather phenomenon or natural disaster, could be much worse if, if, if,.....

Sandra Stern

Another reason to support the return of LOCAL radio!

Kathy Maddox

I've got news for you. Flood insurance from a hurricane is pretty much WORTHLESS!

Steve Fouga


Mike Leahy

Is this story just a test to see who is awake?

Suggest the latest would-be expert, parlaying time served at the Hurricane Center into a lucrative TV career on "Forecasting with the Stars", check and see where landfall was in Alicia.

Good to know that the Gulf Freeway, just on the Mainland side of the causeway, is not a "low lying" area. I guess all those boats that piled up there in both Alicia and Ike were dropped there by helicopters?

Flood insurance? The only ones who can reliably say they have that are national FEMA camp followers like CDM Smith. And maybe celebrity forecasters...

Kathy Maddox

Flood insurance just paid $300 to have the garage cleaned out in Jamaica Beach. It was storm surge (salt)water). Worthless!

Joel Martin

My flood paid 100% after Ike. They don't pay for anything on the ground so consider your 300$ a gift.

Mark Johnson

They don't pay for anything on the ground? I've never seen a flood that wasn't on the ground. What is the purpose of it if it doesn't cover flooring, furniture, walls, etc, that are on the ground or in contact with the ground?

Kevin Lang

I think this might refer to flood-prone structures where the home is built on stilts. In those cases, only the structure is ensured below the main living space. Nothing stored beneath the home is. In other words, if your home is on stilts, don't store anything of value that can't handle getting and staying soaked below the deck.

Gary Miller

This 28 year retiree evacuates a day early. If IKE had caused more damage on my property I might have needed to replace more than my mail box. TC didn,t flood during IKE. A few overage roofs were damaged by wind. A few ceder fences blown over.

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