Some tips in case you need to evacuate your home for a storm:

• Stay alert to storm advisories. Evacuate if told to do so.

• Map out your route, using roads specified by local authorities.

• Do not get on the road without a place to go.

• Fill your car with gasoline.

• Before a storm threatens, contact your veterinarian or local humane society for information on preparing your pets for an emergency.

• Secure your home before leaving. Board up windows and glass doors, anchor loose yard objects or bring them inside and lock your doors.

• Get cash. After a hurricane, banks and ATMs may be temporarily closed.

• Place valuable papers in a waterproof bag or container.

• Notify family and friends of your plans.

• If possible, evacuate to the home of either friends or family in a non-vulnerable area within your area.

• Next try a motel or hotel and as a last resort go to a public shelter. Remember, shelters are not designed for comfort and do not usually accept pets.

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