From the archives of The Daily News for July 4:

  • In 1914, the scholastic census showed 10,329 students in the county.
  • In 1914, motorcars were to replace horses in parcel post service in Galveston.
  • In 1964, Miss Jaycee Sports Car Races of 1964 was Miss Evelyn Stephens, 20, of Angleton. Runners-up were Miss Linda Abbott, 16, and Miss Roselle Lazoronie, 16, both of Houston. The contest was held at The Hotel Galvez.
  • In 1964, business was booming along Seawall Blvd. as Americans began to celebrate the Fourth of July. Hotels and motels in the city posted “no vacancy” signs and several began to help those tourists turned away locate accommodations in Texas City and elsewhere.
  • In 1989, blue crabs in Galveston Bay were in jeopardy because of a sterilizing parasite. Dr. William J. Wardle, associate professor of marine biology at Texas A&M University in Galveston, said the parasite, a barnacle-type organism, was attaching itself to the crab and boring through the shell.

From Staff Reports

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Steve Fouga

Gives the impression that not much happens in Galveston County on the Fourth. Maybe that's good.

Carlos Ponce

Yes, but they left off some of the good stuff. For instance:
Galveston Daily News July 4, 1894
"INDEPENDENCE DAY to be celebrated in Galveston by Yacht Races and a Grand Barbecue. Orations at Dalian's Garden and a Pyrotechnic display at the beach among the features. The morning gun will be fired and the national colors will be raised on the Ball High flagstaff with due ceremony. The cutter "Galveston" will fire a salute in honor of the the day and will dress ship for the occasion."
The concert on the beach that evening featured "Dixie", "Yankee Doodle", "Home Sweet Home" along with military music.

Steve Fouga


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