From the archives of The Daily News for March 17:

  • In 1914, bids for a new hospital building were expected to be awarded.
  • In 1914, the Merchants’ Association met to plan for a convention.
  • In 1964, a four-hour search for a 17-year-old escaped convict in Galveston by city, county and state law enforcement agents ended as police officers arrested the youth, who was riding a stolen bicycle at 17th and Church streets. Kenneth Hicks started serving a seven-year sentence at Huntsville earlier in the year for forgery, escaped from John Sealy Hospital.
  • In 1964, a judgment awarded Hitchcock parents $100,000 in damages in the death of their 18-year-old daughter in a wreck in May.
  • In 1989, Crystal Beach Mayor Bill Kelsey was impeached in a 4-1 vote the previous night after being accused of “official misconduct.” Mayor Pro Tem Monte Potter was the only member of the City Council who voted against the accusation. Alderman Leon Gaspard brought the accusation forward. Gaspard contended Kelsey violated Texas official record laws by failing to provide Gaspard a list of names Kelsey was considering deleting from a disincorporation list.
  • In 1989, a reporter and a three-member telecasting team from the British Broadcasting Co. interviewed eight Texas City residents about the lingering effects of the 1987 hydrofluoric acid spill at Marathon Petroleum Co. plant.

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