From the archives of The Daily News for Feb. 10:

  • In 1914, Galveston’s commissioner of streets and public property was to recommend for the new budget the hiring of more public health inspectors to make more frequent examinations of dairies, bakeries, grocers and other shops to better the food-handling on the island.
  • In 1914, the charity committee of the board of county commissioners announced it would continue its investigation into bad housing and living conditions in Galveston after a group of city officials inspected an area on West Mechanic Street which found “neighborhood evils.” 
  • In 1964, the Kirwin Buccaneers boys basketball team was set for a showdown with Beaumont Central Catholic that would determine the Catholic District 1-3A championship.
  • In 1989, the wife and doctor of Ronald Schroeder, 44, spoke to The Daily News on how the man survived 63 hours stuck in a frigid ditch with his left hand pinned under his car. Schroeder told his wife, Shirley, he skidded off an icy bridge on FM 528 after swerving to avoid an accident. His doctor said the six-pack of 7UP that Schroeder picked up at a convenience store kept him hydrated, and the trapped man later filtered murky water from the ditch with a golfing sock. Shirley Schroeder said she drove by the spot her husband was trapped many times during the search. He was rescued when three men spotted the car from the road.

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