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George Croix

With all the 'new normals' being touted for a 'fundamentally changed' nation, maybe everybody should just cultivate about 3 stomach rolls minimum, at least a double chin, and a rear that looks like 50lbs of chewed bubble gum. Fit right in with what one sees waddling around daily in stores. Add Spandex and 3 sizes too small tee for maximum visual effect. Replace the Star Spangled Banner with the sound of massive thighs rubbing together for our nation's benchmark anthem.
Losing weight is not easy, or pleasant, or facilitated by just reading a book or article, and each person is affected differently in their efforts, because each person IS different. If you really don't like the 'new normal', then stop whining and DO something about it. You don't need Nutri-Anything. You need self-control and determination. You will not starve to death just because you are hungry, and you will not lose weight unless you are hungry, at least for the time it takes you to adjust to dropping off that tonnage at a steady rate.
Basic start: Eat significantly less than you usually do, and get up off your fat behind and move a lot more than you usually do, and keep a daily log of every bite you shove into that gaping maw that was once a normal sized mouth.
Mainly, don't even bother to start unless you see your efforts as a lifetime change, not just a goal to be reached.
Imho, after 28 years of keeping the 60 extra pounds started with off.
Until you come to the realization that it's not those jeans that make your rear look huge, it's your huge rear inside them, you will not succeed.

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