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Island Bred

I'm so glad that I won't have to keep telling my PCP...... yeah I need to get that done but don't hold your breath......

Pays to pay attention to what is going on and determine IF it is right for you. I also shunned the hormone replacement therapy that was almost mandated after hysterectomies. Turns out I had less to be concerned with when all the HRT horror stories came out. Didn't affect me much cause I just refused to take them. Seemed a real waste of money to me. I got my bone density and was close to my age range so figured I'm doing something right.

I really respect medical research but rely on common sense cause medical research changes a lot more than common sense does.

So I say - YEA!!!! Good news!!!!!! I hate stir ups as much as the fellas hate gloved fingers...... Cost effectiveness is the only way we will ever get a handle on the medical costs that many of us feel we have the "right" to rack up. This is what evidenced based medicine is all about. Now if we could get the pharmaceuticals, medical equipment folks, Insurance CEO bonuses, and the rest of the vultures out of medicine - we might be able to afford to have medical care at an affordable price.

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