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Island Bred

Good stuff there - problem is everyone will still fight for that appointment to be told what they could of read in this one article.

Only thing that my years of experience would add would be a shot of steroids for the really miserable. I worked for an MD that the standard practice was shots of Toradol and Hydrocortisone for those nasty flu like colds, allergies and such. Works wonders but probably just isn't gold standard by today's practices. It's great for those who can't afford to rest cause we earned it - many don't earn anything at work most of all sick time. The focus should be quality care at an affordable cost with the end game to meet the patients needs. Unfortunately work is a need now days. So getting back to work (while fighting the cold) is the end game for most.

Dr Meritt used to have an interesting concoction of stuff but can't remember what it is or if she still uses it. I never used it but my kids swore by it a few years back. Now they are just nyquill, dayquill, zinc and vit C junkies.

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