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Mike Leahy

This is very interesting. I wish the good Doctor luck with this new endeavor and may just contact him myself.

Even with health insurance and a massive medical complex on the Island, medical care here, as elsewhere, can be a challenging series of events and misadventures. This new format (or is it actually a return to an older format?) may be a good alternative.

Thanks for the story. Useful news is always appreciated.

Steve Fouga

A revolution in medical care is occurring, right here on the Island.

Make no mistake, a medical care revolution MUST occur, or else the economies of several world powers like the U.S., Japan, China, etc., will tank as their populations age and their younger citizens demand health-care entitlements.

Revolution is inevitable, and it'll be interesting to see how it unfolds. It's great to see an Island physician playing a role. (Gee, free enterprise is a great economic model!)

George Croix

About as close as it's likely to get to the house calls and no insurance fighting of 50+ years ago. Old Dr. Cobb was practically a family member...

Mike Box

Great story. Good luck Doc!

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