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The Galveston County Daily News: Health

January 20, 2017


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How to get started on a fitness program

The best start for an exercise program is to have a purpose, a plan and a measure of accountability, fitness specialists agree.

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Monday 01/16/2017
Bag Balm: From teat to feet
Posted: January 16, 2017

About 30 years ago, an Illinois state trooper came to see me with the worst case of dry skin I had ever seen. His feet and hands were covered with callused, scaly, deeply fissured, painful and bleeding sores. Though he had seen many dermatologists and been prescribed a panoply of moisturizers, creams, steroids and more, his condition persisted unabated.

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Winners of 2017 MLK Community Service Awards
Posted: January 16, 2017

The winners of the 2017 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award are Laurel Sabol, a student in the School of Health Professions, Dr. Maurice Willis, director of UTMB’s Hemotology/Oncology clinic, Carlton Gentry, a licensed vocational nurse in the Gib Lewis Unit in East Texas, and Leah Jacobs, an analyst in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

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Dead, but maybe not entirely
Posted: January 16, 2017

Scientists have been using various techniques to determine which of the 22,000 human genes are used in response to various situations, for example during infection or after exposure to a toxin. These studies provide insights into the mechanisms the body uses to respond to insults and can lead to the development of new therapeutics and medical interventions. A recent study explored what happens to gene expression when an organism dies. Surprisingly, some genes are actually turned on. Nature can be unpredictable.

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Getting fit after 55 is easier than you think
Posted: January 16, 2017

Fitness after age 55 is easier than you think and the benefits are significant: Increased vigor. Alertness. Ample energy to enjoy your leisure time, to travel or to play with your grandchildren. Fitness is tied to longevity and according to experts, you’re likely to enjoy a more satisfying sex life.

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Monday 01/09/2017
Sugar isn't so sweet when it comes to your health
Posted: January 09, 2017

The little white crystals sparkle like fairy dust in the sugar bowl, spinning memories of making cookies with grandma and having cake and ice cream to make each birthday a little sweeter.

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Resistance training
Posted: January 09, 2017

Do you know the health benefits of resistance training? The main types of resistance exercise are weight training, resistance bands or tubes, using your body weight in exercise movements and isometrics. Aerobic exercise targets conditioning of heart, lungs and circulation. Resistance exercise focuses on strengthening, enlarging and/or shaping our muscles by stressing them beyond their usual activities and allowing them to repair and grow.

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Is the king of cloning dead?
Posted: January 09, 2017

It is small, we all live with it and it is arguably the best studied organism on the planet. Yes, more than humans! Some forms of it can cause serious disease and scientists have been investigating all aspects of it for more than 125 years. It is present in the intestinal tract of every human and is commonly found in the environment. It is an important biomarker of fecal contamination. What I am talking about of course is Escherichia coli or E. coli.

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NIH research funding increases
Posted: January 09, 2017

New collaborations and increased philanthropic support helped the University of Texas Medical Branch realize an increase in research funding from 2015 to 2016. For 2016, the medical branch received 264 awards from the National Institutes of Health totaling $97.4 million. This is a 13 percent increase from 2015, when the medical branch received 235 awards for a total of $85,901,018 from the NIH.

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Monday 01/02/2017
A year in review
Posted: January 02, 2017

From opening new hospitals to explaining a relatively-unknown virus to the public, 2016 was a year full of excitement and accomplishments for the University of Texas Medical Branch. Here are some highlights:

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