HITCHCOCK — Even heavy rains could not dampen spirits on Seniors Day.

Though the grounds were drenched from Monday’s downpours about 250 senior citizens were high and dry in the Entertainment Pavilion at the Galveston County Fair and Rodeo.

Once there they were treated to lunch music games a dance contest and horde of door prizes.

On the dance floor Albert Stewart was making the rounds. His first partner was 15-year-old Peyton Quigley of the Texas City FFA. They glided along the dance floor to ”One Day at a Time.”

”He approached me to dance” Quigley said. ”He saw me watching and he asked me if I’d like to dance. I told him I can’t dance very well and he said it didn’t matter that I should just go and enjoy myself.”

Quigley said she discovered something in her short time with Stewart.

”I learned that I can dance better than I thought I could” she said.

Stewart also gave her some advice.

”He said that I should enjoy life because you only get it one day at a time” she said.

During their dance Stewart and Quigley also did some crooning.

”I had this in my mouth” Stewart said gesturing to a sucker. ”I had to get it out my mouth and said ‘We have to sing to the song. She kept singing.

”When we got done I said thank you and she said ‘Thank you for asking me.’”

Valerie LeBouef of Santa Fe also had a nice experience with Stewart out on the floor. In a dance contest the pair came in first place.

”Three years ago I came in third” she said. ”Two years I came in second. Last year I didn’t dance. My goal was to come in first and we did. I had a great partner though.”

Seniors Day gave LeBouef a chance to catch up with some old friends.

”I love Seniors Day it’s just a lot of fun” the 1963 Santa Fe High School graduate said. ”We get to talk to people we went to school with and I have seen several of them today.”


At A Glance

Today is Special Kids Day at the Galveston County Fair and Rodeo. Special-needs children will have the run of the fairgrounds from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Special events in the evening include:

6:30 p.m.: Youth Project Awards

7 p.m.: CountyMarket Steer judging

7:30 p.m.: County Team Roping Challenge


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