BOLIVAR PENINSULA — Because of the closure of the ferry between Galveston and the Bolivar Peninsula due to the leaking barge in the Intracoastal Waterway, delivery of the print edition of The Daily News will be delayed by at least two hours on Sunday.

Without the ferry, Daily News newspaper carriers will have to travel through Winnie to reach the peninsula. So subscribers on the peninsula should expect delays in delivery of the print edition.

Subscribers do have access to the online and e-editions of The Daily News. Subscribers who have not set up their online accounts can call customer service at (409) 683-5260.

The Daily News' customer service office opens at 7 a.m.

Mainland Editor T.J. Aulds may be reached at 409-683-5334 or


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Stephen Maradeo

Well that proves the level of commitment to reach all of The Daily News subscribers having to drive the looooong way to get to Bolivar.

Carlos Ponce

Maybe the GDN can provide free electronic subscriptions to all subscribers on Bolivar. Whoops! they already do that!


That was odd sentence structure.

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

Carlos. You are right. Every Daily News subscription -- no matter where you live -- comes with online and e-edition access. Some people though haven't set up their online accounts yet. Turns out the print papers were a bit late but got delivered. We had some very diligent carriers who deserve praise for going the extra mile - 67 miles actually --

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