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This is a very worthy cause and I feel for the pain of the family of the young girl killed and those sent to do good work, yet are suffering in Niger. My question is, why does it take injuries of Americans for this story to be written? There are millions of Africans who must live this every day without the luxury of a story in the Galveston Daily News to help bring them to the US. Perhaps a more long-term answer to the problem is the creation of a fund to build-up the services this hospital is capable of providing - so that Nigeriens and future aid workers who will be in the same situation can benefit.

robert kemp

I don't think you read the story correct dceagle. The injured that needed to be transported back to the US were American citizens from the church in Santa Fe.I'm sorry too that there is not adequate medical services in that country or any other one, but my belief is we have enough people right here in the states suffering from poverty and children who possibly go for days without a meal.I am a firm believer of taking care of your own first. If you believe we should aid other countries first, then ask yourself why isn't their OWN Govt. doing anything about it......and then you can step up to the plate and donate for the cause .....

Dallas Smithe

Why didn't they have travelers insurance? It would have been less than 40 bucks and would have covered up to 1 million dollars for evacuation and medical care. I never go on a mission trip without it.

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