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Chris Gimenez

Ms. Inman needs to get a good defense attorney and he/she needs to bone up on the Frederick Mueller case in which the Galveston County D.A.'s Office under Jack Roady-and it appears the same investigating officer for the GPD, Officer Chris Sanderson-railroaded 17 yr. old Mr. Mueller when they found out the deceased in that accident was a friend of Galveston law enforcement. Page 3 of this story in the Houston Press recounts the disparity between Officer Sanderson's written report of Mr. Mueller's apparent intoxication and the actual results of the DUI testing done on the scene. Mr. Mueller passed all of them except for the very subjective Horizontal Gaze test which is routinely abused by law enforcement in DUI testing.


DA Roady completely disregarded the .01 blood alcohol level of Mr. Mueller and also the .158 blood alcohol level of the deceased in that accident and charged Mueller with felony intoxication manslaughter.

And of course GPD is the same law enforcement agency that allowed two Galveston County Sheriff's Office deputies to leave the scene of an accident on the Seawall a few years ago during the Bike Rally in which they ran over a woman crossing the street. "Professional courtesy" don't you know. There wasn't any DUI testing in that accident-just get on your motorcycles and ride off before anyone notices.

Yep, Ms. Inman's attorney should request a special investigator and a special prosecutor as neither this District Attorney nor the GPD can be trusted to conduct a fair investigation of the facts once their friends or other law enforcement are involved.

What we will probably never know is the actual speed the deceased was travelling and whether he was driving under the influence himself. No sense in dragging those dirty little secrets before the public when all the blame can be laid at the feet of a teenager by the GPD and DA Jack Roady.

J. Shaffer

I'm not that quick to come to her defense, bv. While I agree there are a lot of discrepancies in the Mueller case, we don't know what this young drivers BAL (blood alcohol level) was yet.

In both cases we have an irresponsible teen, drinking underage AND driving. Whether someone was killed as a direct result of those actions seem a little clearer here. Inman and all the people who came to Mardi Gras with her from Dayton should hang their heads in shame for bringing this upon themselves.

It's possible to pull out from the gas station safely, at the corner with a light instead of pulling out ahead of oncoming traffic.

I also doubt that a retired officer with his wife on his bike would do anything to place them in danger; if he had the right of way and no time to react, should his BAL come into play at all? Sober or drunk, he would hit her either way if she pulled out in front of him.

I can't find a speed limit sign on Google Maps but there are clearly cameras at that intersection, so determining the facts of traffic flow should be pretty easy.

Mardi Gras brings heavy traffic and crazy drivers, so as the captain used to say on Hill Street Blues, "Let's be careful out there."

Chris Gimenez

I'm not coming to her defense NJ. As for "discrepancies" in the Mueller case, that's a farce. There were abuses in the Mueller case and by the very same Officer with GPD who investigated this accident. That's disturbing since the DA never held him accountable for what he put in his written report and what the tests actually showed.

As for the deceased being a former cop and therefore not likely to have done anything to place them in danger-that's laughable. If we're assuming she was partying at Mardi Gras then there's no reason not to assume the same thing for the deceased.

I've personally seen too much disturbing behavior from the GPD and the DA's Office to believe anything they say. If you want a history lesson just insert the dates of January 1, 2011 to the present in the GCDN search bar and type in, "District Attorney, dismissed" and you'll see a litany of serious cases that he dismissed because when the facts were exposed they didn't support the charge. That's incompetence-or worse.

I also saw a news clip from that night right after the accident and it was clearly very foggy. The bottom line is: how fast was he driving his motorcycle and was he impaired because both of those factors can be contributing factors in the accident. I'd also want to know what her BA level is because a blood draw is the only way to really know whether she was impaired and to what extent. Everything else done at the scene can be manipulated by LE.

Steve Fouga

NurseJayne, the speed limit is 45.

When turning east, many drivers choose to exit Seawall businesses onto the Boulevard rather than onto a side street controlled by a signal or a stop sign. I assume they do this because Seawall has longer greens, so at any given time there's a greater chance of being able to immediately make the light.

I'm surprised this sort of accident doesn't happen more often, in broad daylight, with no fog, with unimpaired drivers in both vehicles. Driving Seawall is simply a crapshoot. Your odds are very good, but at least once a week I see someone attempt a crazy maneuver on the Boulevard.

Blessings to everyone involved in this tragedy.

Melvin Herrmann

The speed limit varies on seawall depending on what part you are at. Where the accident occured it is 45. 69th and Seawall is a bad intersection. BVresident, yes there may have been issues in the past with the da's office and pd but it isn't always the same. You can't compare everything to each other. The big picture here is, there was someone UNDERAGE (18 yrs old) behind the wheel of a car who had been drinking. Whoever provided her with that alcohol should be held somewhat accountable since they didn't stop her from driving. It is the same as if you are at a bar and get wasted and the bartender lets you leave to drive home knowing that you are too drunk and you get into an accident and kill someone. The had the ability and responsibility to stop it and they didn't. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of these officers and of this young lady as now her life is forever changed having to live with knowing she killed someone because of a stupid decision she made.

Chris Gimenez

Melvin, the response from Servitude not withstanding, we don't know if the young lady was impaired or not. The blood draw is the only reliable proof and my point is that the particular investigating officer and the DA's Office have shown a willingness in the very recent past, in almost identical circumstances, to present written statements inconsistent with the facts in order to cover for the negligence of someone who was "one of their own". That ain't no small thing and I'll be her defense attorney seizes on Sanderson's actions in the Mueller incident and brings into question the investigative report on this accident. Mr. Mueller had a .01 BA level but Sanderson made it sound like he was falling down drunk.

For the time being, Ms. Inman is innocent until proven guilty even though some on this forum and District Attorney Roady would like it to be otherwise.

My questions are the same: how fast was the motorcycle going and was he impaired? If he was speeding it would have made it almost impossible for someone to see him in time in the fog and if he was impaired then he and his spouse would have to share some measure of responsibility for what occurred. The facts are not all out and I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon against the girl knowing what I know about some in the GPD and the DA's Office.

Lars Faltskog

Underaged drinking, traffic violation of pulling out in front of oncoming cars. That seemingly equals to vehicular manslaughter, and perhaps DWI. As the saying goes, "Don't drink and drive.' We'll all be better off for her being off of the roads.

Lars Faltskog

From NurseJayne:
" Inman and all the people who came to Mardi Gras with her from Dayton should hang their heads in shame for bringing this upon themselves."

Exactly that. There's the technicalities of the law, such as the very young woman perhaps not having TOO much to drink. Well, at 18, even a lite beer is "too much". So, let's say the evidence shows she had a very low blood/alcohol level. So be it.

What remains is the irresponsibility of darting out in front of traffic, while in party mode. Also, what remains is the result of that: very likely vehicular manslaughter. Let the young woman's defense attorney do his/her job. She needs not our defense, but perhaps her family members who know her well and know her real character. If I was a family member of hers, I would not be proud of her right now. The 2 ingredients of darting out in front of traffic and drinking doesn't hold too well in a court of law with her peers deciding her fate. May the gods help her find peace with what she did.

Allen Flores

Mardi Gras turns the downtown into a late night ruckus of teens who have about 20 whiskey booths and beer booths to choose from. Last year was a riot of drunk teens. None of this is good for Galveston or local businesses. It's time to stop the crazy concerts, beer booths, gate fees and hold the promoter accountable. Scaling back Mardi Gras from a rowdy late night event of drinking and fights makes sense. At what point will City Council, city management and the mayor stop the promoter from this madness every year? Just have some parades and balls and slow things down at 10pm. It will cost way less and be safer if the City stops using a promoter that promotes drinking and rowdiness.

Beach Worthy


J. Shaffer

While there have been some questions as to who the DA decides to prosecute, there have been tough sentences for those who act irresponsibly.

Mark Grayson, who plowed into a carriage while under the influence, accepted an intoxication manslaughter plea for 15 years in prison.

Matthew Green Shelton, who killed two pedestrians and a dog on the Seawall while toasted also is serving two fifteen year sentences for the same charge.

Again, her BAL and the cameras at the intersection will tell the story.

Chris Gimenez

I think what's going to be telling is whether the deceased, along with those other LE's he and his wife were partying with, were also driving under the influence in violation of the law and were they speeding in the fog. They don't get a pass for breaking the law-if they were-just because they have badges. The bottom line is that the accused already has the chips stacked against her in getting a fair trial in Galveston because of who investigated the accident, who got killed, and how our bizarre District Attorney seems to overlook flawed investigations by law enforcement. We all know how GPD allowed those GCSO deputies to leave the scene when they ran over the woman on the Seawall during the Bike Rally a few years ago. LE will cover for each other in every way possible. At the end of the day everyone responsible for the accident should be held accountable.

Chris Gimenez

Here's what a competent DA's Office does when they want to ensure they have a strong case rather than try to appease LE. We have a DA who's just a shill for the dregs of LE in Galveston County and that's why he charged Frederick Mueller with intoxication manslaughter when his BA level was only .01. Of course, he knew he'd never get a conviction and he had to dismiss another felony case out of his office for the umpteenth time.

This came from the Police News.

"Crabill’s accident came only a day after a Surfside police officer’s death Saturday night. Police are waiting for blood test results taken from a 37-year-old man driving a pickup that hit the officer. A decision on whether the man will be charged will not be made until those results are received.

The driver of the motorcycle, a Surfside officer whose name has not been released by police, was traveling south on Highway 288 on Saturday when mechanical issues caused him to pull to the shoulder of the road where he was hit by the pickup."

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