TEXAS CITY — An 8-year-old boy was shot in the face at a Texas City apartment complex Thursday.

The boy was one of three children, ages 7, 8 and 9, left unattended in an apartment at the Harbor Oaks complex, 8601 Emmett F Lowry Expressway, police said.

The boy was shot with a handgun by a 7-year-old boy at the apartment, Tex- as City Police Capt. Joe Stanton said.

“The kids found the handgun in- side the residence,” Stanton said.

The three children were related; two were brothers and the third was a cousin of the siblings. Police did not immediately know the relationship of the shooter and the victim.

The boy was flown by helicopter to Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital at about 5:15 p.m. in undetermined medical condition.

The victim was in surgery Thursday night and a hospital spokeswoman said she was not aware of his condition. He will be moved to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit after surgery and his condition will be evaluated at that point.

The three children were alone in the second floor apartment, Stanton said. Stanton said that because of his age, the 7-year-old would not face criminal charges. Texas law requires that a person be at least 10 years old before criminal charges can be filed, he said. Child Protective Services was notified and would be investigating, he said.

Police would not say if the shooting was accidental. The police department was investigating which adult was responsible for supervision of the children, tan- ton said.

Police closed the Emmett F. Lowry Express- way feeder road outside the apartment complex so the helicopter could land. The road was closed for about 30 minutes before the helicopter took off with the child.

Jaime Sanchez, a resident at the apartment complex, was walking through the parking lot outside the apartment when he heard the gun go off.

He said the sound was muffled and it seemed like it was a BB gun.

“I’m just hoping he’s all right,” Sanchez said.

Contact reporter Christopher Smith Gonzalez at 409- 683-5314 or chris.gonzalez@galvnews.com.

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Linda Vaccaro

This is a very sad reminder to never ever leave children without supervision by an adult! Also to hide and lock up any firearms on your property. Pray that he recovers!


Guns keeping people safe ...

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