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Jill Presnal

The picture of this child in an emergency situation is so inappropriate for a front page news story. This is a little boy. Shame on the newspaper.

Linda Vaccaro

Maybe this should be shown on the front page to remind people to NOT leave children home alone and to LOCK-UP any firearms! How often does this have to happen before people wise-up? Always? Let's hope not!

Lanette Harris

I totally agree jillpresnal. The severity of the story could have been played out in so many more respectful pictures than one of the injured child with a blood soaked bandage or his mother trying to compose herself. I am not saying a picture should not have been included but maybe a more tasteful one than that of a child being cared for in such a delicate pose.

Richard Worth

LV, people will only wise up after a few are jailed for a good stretch. And even that's not guaranteed.

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