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So very sad. Prayers to the victims and families. Did the police cause those who sped off to speed? Granted the headlights were off but, in police chases where innocent people are killed I fail to see the justification for the chase.Maybe I missed something.

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

Rah, as we have reported, the actual chase didn't begin until after the Durango SUV struck another vehicle

John McLane

I think the officer acted correctly in trying to stop the vehicle. Sounds like the wreck occurred very quickly after the officer tried to get it stopped.

ole dad

Can you imagine the grief this family is dealing with. Where can you donate money for funeral expenses?

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

Oledad we have a link to donate with the online version of the story

George Croix

If only people could know in advance how whatever they did would turn out, life would be so much less complicated...
As it is, the most accurate guess is usually not until the second one...

Ann Derek

Another illegal, according to national news reports, on a killing "spree." What's it going to take to close our borders? Right now all we get are the drunk illegal alien drivers wiping out entire families. Next will come the terrorists, already here by crossing the southern border, to wipe out entire cities. Wait for it.

Lars Faltskog

Well, mainlandlass -
Would it be easier on your psyche and sensibilites if the perpetrator in this tragedy had been a 5th or 6th generation native of Texas, and a non-Hispanic?

Would that make the pain any less, knowing that whoever did this wasn't an "illegal"? I recall many awful things happening to Texans BY Texans, born and raised.

Ann Derek

It's safe to say that if our borders were secure, sverige, this family would still be alive. This is a tragedy that could've been prevented if border agents were allowed to do their job. The rest of the country has to suffer this so liberals can get a new voting bloc.

Kevin Lang

Seems to me that the bigger factors were a person wanted for Felony DWI got drunk and got behind the wheel of a car, and knew he was in a heap of trouble if he got picked up. There are LOTS of legals that could fit that description. It's not just illegals that fail to appear on arrest warrants. It's not just illegals that get hammered and climb behind the wheel of an SUV. The fact he was illegal probably adds more salt to the wound. However, 6 people are dead now because one person decided to place his desire to load his drunken arse into a 4,000 WMD and hold no regards to the lives of anyone. And, he was illegal.

Lars Faltskog

make "neg gain" into "net gain"

Lars Faltskog

Response to mainlandlass posted at 8:00 am on Thu, Aug 14, 2014:

Well, your contention that immigrants who eventually could become voters, thus causing a "neg gain" of new voting bloc for liberals is a questionable conclusion. Throughout our rather recent US History, large numbers of Cubans and quite a few Asian Americans have chosen to vote Republican or conservative.

So...It bears looking at the big picture, perhaps taking a US GOV class at the community college - then you'll shake away from the "pat" catch phrasing of "immigrants-to-voters-to-liberals" that FOX news dishes out to the masses. Education is very powerful indeed.

Paukert Catha

My personal opinion is the issue is not if the person who hit the family is legal or illegal, but that he made a CHOICE to drink and drive. My sister was hit by a drunk driver in 1989 on her way to pick her up her son from daycare & the man who drifted over the line into her lane hit her head on. He was a white man & born & raised in Texas, so it doesn't matter race, sex, country, etc...... Some people make the wrong choice when they drink & unfortunately, those bad choices affect the lives of innocent people. By the grace of our loving Lord, my sister is a walking, talking, miracle, but not without severe medical & financial consequences (of course they had no insurance). My prayers are for this family who lost so many loved ones due to a wrong choice by this person & for his family too who have also suffered a great loss.

Lars Faltskog

Very well-put, Tricia50. I doubt very seriously if this family that has been given such a blow cares a whit as to whether the perpetrator(s) are of a certain nationality. Then again, maybe they do. Perhaps someone can ask them.

Mariana N Andres Monterrubio

What a tragedy for these children. I would like to assist by contributing to the cost, where could I find the fundraising information? For the folks who at this point are only focused on race/nationality are missing the bigger picture. This is a case of drinking and driving not a case on legals and illegals. Had this been any other race other than Hispanics this discussion would not be relevant. All parties who died were Hispanic. Sure am I one for streamlining border patrol absolutely. Not opposing that there needs to be a sense of control. Once again this is a matter of breaking the law and quite honestly in the industry I work in drugs, alcohol, depression, mental illness and so on do no discriminate. We unfortunately are a society who is quick to give an opinion and discriminate rather than look at the issue on hand.

Ameila Benedict

Mamionamission - here's the link. Anything you can give would help out these boys so very much!


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