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Miceal O'Laochdha

Well...that seemed like a short tour of duty for Mr. Graham. did I miss something?


Evelyn Clark

I guess it is a secret. ( THE OLD SAYING) The public has a right yo know.

Lars Faltskog

GDN - temporary launching pad to prepare for bigger and better things? Or, perhaps an interim gig to help one self-evaluate, then realize that newspaper publishing isn't one's "cup of tea".

Walter Manuel

Thanks Mr. Graham for all of your time and energy dedicated to the GDN and our community, we wish you much success in your future endeavors.

We also welcome Mr. Woolsey and his wife to not only Galveston County, but also to the GDN!

Gary Miller

Understands the value of serving the local community?
GCDN serves a conservative community.
Will he serve conservatives or liberals?

Journalists claim they aren't biased then report with their biases all over their reporting.

Kevin Lang

Bias operates both ways. Delivery and Reception can both be biased. Sometimes I think that more bias is introduced by the reader than the writer. Sometimes the reader offsets some of the bias of the writer. But, generally, I'd say that the reporters aren't the only ones introducing "bias" into the news.

Raymond Lewis

I'm sure it's just me, but I could never see an impact Mr. Graham was making. Never seemed to be a good fit. The best to you in the future.

Kevin Lang

I have no idea why Patrick Graham has resigned, and, frankly, it's none of my business. I do appreciate the involvement he had with some of the community outreach activities, such as Newspapers in Education and the Press Run. I hope his departure does not affect the paper's dedication to those activities.

As far as how well he did his job, I'll leave that to those he led, worked with, and worked for to evaluate. All we have as basis is a few editorials to base our judgement on, and I don't think that's a representative sample.

Thank you, Patrick for keeping the Daily News within the community over the past couple of years, and best of luck to you in whatever direction you follow.

Gary Miller


I think we agree
Patrick Graham's leadership of the GCDN was more good than bad.
WE can hope Woolsey will also be and wish Patrick Graham all the best in his new position.

Jose' Salinas

Did I miss something?? "Graham resigned". That's it? Didn't he just write about submitting the 101 best things in GC, to him? Working on City's 175th B-Day, etc. Now he's gone. Nothing about leaving, retiring, nada! Usually the GDN's puts out an article about what a great job, loss, etc. about someone there but here it just noted "Graham resigned". Huh...

Evelyn Clark


Steve Fouga

Well, now that Mr. Graham is gone, my biggest question is what impact the change will have on staff, editorial policies, political bent, etc.

I do wish the paper would embrace a more user-friendly forum format. It's not awful anymore, but it could still stand some improvement.

I wonder if Mr. Graham's biggest accomplishment might have been simply holding things together. My sense is that the GDN is not exactly a goin' concern. I wonder how profitable it actually is.

Jose' Boix

Agree with the various kudos to Mr. Graham; he seemed to have blended well into the local community. Thanks for all you have done for our community and the GCDN, all the best for the future.

Blanca Bell

How about hiring from within. Someone that is already embedded in the community.

Lars Faltskog

Well, I think it's a rare quality to have the experience, availability, and willingness to work in a sub-urban environment like this as a publisher - and to happen to be from this area.

I think publishers and editors aren't like reporters. The publishers/editors have a unique specialization in the trade, I believe. So, to seek new ones necessitates having to go out of the county and perhaps out of the state to do so.

69 Chevy

Promote Heber![beam]

Chris Gimenez

This paper screamed bloody murder when the executive at UTMB resigned recently. "The Public Has A Right To Know" screamed the headline. Well GCDN, the public has a right to know why Patrick Graham resigned. Was it declining subscriptions? Did he grow weary of reading Hubris Taylor's "OPINION" pieces disguised as fact-based editorials? WHY DID HE RESIGN? The public has a right to know-that is, unless the GCDN is practicing hypocrisy in it's dissemination of public business.

Kevin Lang

There are just way too many reasons that Patrick Graham may have resigned that would have legal ramifications if revealed at this stage of the game. Certainly, it could have been disciplinary. It could be health-related. It could be that he's taking a position with an organization that cannot divulge his hiring yet. It could be some kind of personal reason, like a family matter that he needs to attend to. Maybe Alabama has hired him to be part of the search committee for Nick Saban's replacement with another position in waiting for when that job is done.

It could also be that they don't want ot take any steam out of a pending article that may be coming out about the next stage of his life.

Whatever it is, I'd guess that it came up all of a sudden, otherwise the paper would have had someone else publish the call for things to like about Galveston County.

In any event, just as I didn't lose any sleep over why the UTMB exec resigned without a public announcement of why, I'm also not going to lose any sleep over not knowing the reason why Patrick Graham has left. I understand both situations are probably more apples and oranges than lemons and grapefruit, but as for my little slice of life, they have no impact.

Steve Fouga

Well said, and Hook 'em Horns!...

Bill Hynek

Sure Kevin, what you don't know won't hurt you. But Dolph has to see this as his publisher went to print three days ago with the 101 ways we love it here as if he were taking up the banner of residency and then the next day he 'resigns'? And Dolph doesn't think he owes an explanation to the people of Galveston!

There's probably no scandal here, but the naiveté and arrogance of Dolph not to think that he is throwing suspicion onto his paper by not explaining Mr. Graham's resignation is tell-tale of the way he and the governing board of our paper views their readers.

Kevin Lang

Bill, I agree it raises questions. Things that happen abruptly often do. It's human nature to seek some sort of closure. It could very well be a matter of scandal here, but whether scandal or otherwise, at least in the short term, I'd suppose there's some kind of privacy or other legal reason at play. Depending on which is the case, there are time limits on the required quiet periods. Plus, more than likely, he's going to have to resurface at some point, and things will start coming clear.

It could be that he hit it big in the lottery and he needs to get the money secured before "distant relatives" start coming out of the woodwork :-)

Lars Faltskog

Response to kevjlang posted at 7:29 pm on Wed, Dec 11, 2013:

I'm not worried about the shell game that newspapers play either. Same applies to all the hoopla folks delve themselves into trying to analyze why a pro ball player gets cut from a team, or how and why a coach gets fired. Or the politics that involve a "beloved" upper class professor who abruptly gets reassigned to teach crummy biology for freshmen, or a teacher who finally gets the "ax" for years and years of making colleagues miserable. Or, why Mr. Mens Warehouse got "ousted" and no longer does his "you're gonna love the way you look" commercials. There's several reasons why folks resign, take other jobs, or go on a leave of absence.

I don't think anyone's too concerned about the job decisions, reassignments, lay-offs that most of us reading this could very well receive in the near future. All I can say is that "here in Topeka the flies are a buzzin'." I just want a paper to read, I don't give a flip as to who publishes, edits, writes it.

Chris DeVries

Patrick is a fine gentleman and it's been a pleasure knowing him and seeing him work in the community. I'd even say he's been the most amiable and genuine Publisher in recent memory. He certainly deserves our respect, thanks, and best wishes.


All I can say is that, being from the city in Georgia from where your new president/publisher is coming and knowing him personally, my sincere condolences to you all. For whatever reason your previous publisher resigned, I just thank God that he did and that Woolsey is taking leave of our community. Good riddance!

69 Chevy

We had the masthead controversy(changed and then changed back). They started censoring post to the web page comment section, then banning select posters, before locking out all but those that receive home delivery or subscribe to the on-line edition, which is $40.00 per year more than the Houston Chronicle. Daily rates doubled, Sunday rate increase, promised improvements never occurred, overhyped and overpriced special edition issues that were nothing more than stuffed with sales fliers. Whether I agree with Dolph or not(usually did with the exception of the “Seawall Parking Tax”) I read whatever he wrote. I don’t recall the last time I completed an article by the recently departed publisher.

With my schedule home delivery is not an option, but when I am on the island I prefer a hard copy paper. Hopefully the new publisher will figure out a way to allow an on-line voice to those like me that spend about $150.00 per year buying the GCDN, but are unwilling to spend an additional $168.00 for a yearly or 2.00 per day for a daily on-line subscription.

I have had jobs where I wasn’t the right fit, and maybe that was the case here. I wish Patrick well.

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