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Ronnie Richards

What about all of us poor folk on the island of Clear Lake Shores? Will you mail to our 500+ households?

Centerpointe Moderator

I was wondering if someone was going to ask that. Maybe GCDN took a look at Island Drumz and figured they couldn't compete. [smile]

D'Lorah Collier

Yes, The League City Connection will be delivered to all the residents of Clear Lake Shores!

Ronnie Richards

That's great but it will be irrelevant if it just reports on Kemah & League City! We are our own municipality and would like to be treated as such in the publication.

Marie Dotson

Will it be delivered to my Kemah PO box?

Chris Gimenez

"While not always sexy, keeping residents informed about taxes, property values and the decisions by locally elected officials is critical to a healthy community."

Seriously Woolsey? Maybe keeping residents informed about the decisions of elected officials that won't embarrass either your endorsement or the elected official.

You said you were going to find out why the GCDN didn't print the decision by D.A. Jack Roady to dismiss a felony child abuse charge against a TC Police Officer but then you went into hiding. You talk the talk but you don't walk the walk Woolsey.
Bayou Vista

Robert Buckner

Seriously folks, it's all about money from advertising. Bottom line is the GDN is a business in business to make a profit.

Centerpointe Moderator

Profit is perfectly fine. There are two ways to make one: By supplying poor content, or by supplying good quality content. Let's hope the new newspaper is characterized by the latter.

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