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Robert Buckner

I'm ready for Spring.

Carlos Ponce

And the global warming/climate change people still claim this is one of the warmest winters ever. If this is warm, I'd hate to see cold!

Gary Miller

Don't you lnow it's climate change.
It changed from warm to cold. Does it every year.

Gary Miller

The global warming/climate change people also got stuck in antartic ice they claimed had melted.
Is anyone still thinking they know anything about anything?

Gary Miller

This cold snap is no colder than normal for here in January.
The problems will be caused by the warmer, wet air overiding the cold layer.
We were warm but now are cold. Climate changed.


Climate change isn't about local weather but weather world wide. The majority of the planet is in a period with higher than normal temperatures check out Australia for example. Just because the weather here is cold doesn't mean that climate change isn't happening but nothing will convince the tin foil hat crowd. If the issue of the ozone layer destruction by fluorocarbons was occurring today the ban never would passed. Science has become a dirty word for many.

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