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Ron Shelby

Fair under the law saying those with standing are only those who directly result in damages related to the action. I haven't seen a lot of research, but conceptually believe that scattered is probably better than concentrated. But then you get to the issue of who wants scattered next door to them. A lot of tough societal issues.... Of course we could make the scattered be next to every place a take home care Galveston police officer lives?? [smile]

Matt Coulson

So because the judge upheld one claim does that still hold up the financing of the project?

Ron Shelby

Definitely can. But the plaintiff has to still prove the level of damage resulting from concentrated housing....probably against some benchmark, but I'm not a lawyer.

Evelyn Clark

I am thinking abou having someone file a law suit against the one person that

has a claim against PH. If they can file a claim againt the PH l. I will get

someone to file one against her/him. they never lived in PH ,and I lived in

PH and I am a good person.


Raymond Lewis

Slice it how you might but the GOGP suit has been dealt a death blow.

Matt Coulson

It sounds like it, but what I'm trying to understand is that the financing was being held up by the pending legal questions. Since the judge allowed one persons claims to remain does that still hold up financing. Seems like a major omission in the story.

Jim Casey

Whoever is funding this ongoing nonsense must be gritting his teeth. I hope he has a good dentist.

- Jim

Gary Miller

Building these HUD slums anywhere on the Island will be harmful to all galveston taxpayers. HUD will pay to build the projects but local taxpayers will end up with the cost of maintainence, the loss of tax base and the cost of unfunded services for untaxed project residents.
The greatest harm wil not acrue to residents of the projects but instead to Island residents who DO NOT live in the projects.

Raymond Lewis

Sorry IHOG but it pleases me to say that your opinion (which you are entitled to) is based on nothing but ...your opinion. You, obviously know little about any of it, including who gets "stuck" with maintenance cost

Steve Fouga

Who does get stuck with the costs?

I'm a lot more concerned with the crime than the maintenance. Who gets stuck with that cost?

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