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Dwight Burns

Just a sign of things to come over this long hot dry Summer.

Proof positive that our basic infrastructures need updating and repairing. For four years the President has been trying without success because of a gridlock Congress of No will not bring the measure to the floor. Millions of jobs would be created.

George Croix

Yes, of course...POTUS had NOTHING to do with the 'shovel ready' infrastructure part of his stimulus packages...it was Congress that blew the money on 'green' energy projects and it's they who cannot account for, or will not, the hundreds of billions that have seemingly vanished into thin air, as the 'infrastructure' supposedly to be fixed with those bucks, wasn't...Sure..right...
Just like we can't seem to get an accounting of what has become of the hundreds of billions of dollars collected over the years in federal gas and other taxes that are supposed to be used for highways and infrastructure, but, which have not. Where's THAT money all gone?
You do realize that there are major jobs creation bills that have passed the House and are sitting untouched, and not even discussed, in the Senate, do you not?
You do realize that the THOUSANDS of new business and investment regulations issued by the 'We Can't Wait' Administration are greatly responsible for the pathetic number of jobs creation, and the WORST economic recovery since WWII, do you not?
You do remember that from January 2009 to January 2011, the ENTIRE Executive/Legislative branches of government were a Democrat majority, do you not, and that during that time, ZIP was done to get Americans working again, excpet of course for the wasted 'green energy' jobs, at roughly 2 MILLION taxpayer bucks spent for EACH job cretaed. Remember that, huh?
Maybe if we had a President, instead of a speach making party animal permanent campaigner, one who knew how to lead, rather than declare 'We won!' and shut out and demonize people, we might, might, start moving toward a real recovery and an increase in jobs that do not require one to memorize a burger and fries menu.
For those 4 years, the President has been very successful at racking up over 400 MILLION dollars worth of Air Force One travel time, giving 15 minute stump speaches in Bugtussle to demonize anybody who disagrees with him, and claiming he 'has to' subvert the Constitution by acting unilaterally.
Why then, an intelligent person might ask themselves, doesn't he unilaterally get after 'infrastructure', since he does that on almost everything else. Simple, except to the simple, it's because he hasn't a CLUE how to go about creating ANY jobs. He's been handed Keystone, with thousands of jobs, on a silver platter and has only P'd on that platter.
The Food Stamp President, the Entitlement President, the Social Justice Phony Income Inequality President - none of those 3 guys all rolled into one has the slightest idea how to create independence...because they've never wanted to...

Kathy Maddox

GEEZ LOUISE! Let's not forget the incompetency of City governments that have to apply for the shovel ready projects. When was the last time you saw City workers apply for extra work?

Robert Crotts

LOL A pipe broke and they are fixing it.

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