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Steve Fouga

Thanks for posting the screen shot, Mr Ferguson. It looks very different from what I imagined -- more compact. I imagined something long, like the original. I guess it's much cheaper to build in shallower water...

Bill Broussard

Gaetner surely must be embarassed about how his career as an architect has turned out. Once he was a reasonable architect. Nothing Frank Lloyd Wright you understand but....reasonable.

Now,he's just a mediocre lobbyist. The last building he represented, the M hotel, kicked him off the project the minute he got Council approval and their SUP to build.

We have a funny town. In the 1900's Nicholas Clayton built the town and set design standards that are known across the untied states. In the 2000, Michael Gaetner destroyed the town

Ellen Morrison

A mediocre lobbyist - for getting property values increased for resale purposes, I would say. Change the zoning, get an SUP, resell the property - he's your guy!

And council after council just nods their collective head and lets him do it.

Steve Fouga

Isn't the problem that Galveston can't decide what it wants to be? Miami, Charleston, or Amarillo?

Can't anyone see that tall structures look right on the far east end and on most of the west end, but not in the middle? Tall structures look good south of Seawall Blvd, but not north? To me this is obvious, but I understand there are factors other than what looks right. Still, the city needs to have an agreed-to plan, and stick to it.

Ellen Morrison

The COG has that plan - but never sticks to it.

There shouldn't be the quantity (and quality, come to think of it) of SUP requests and variances issued, but that magic money flag keeps on waving.

A notable contrast is that Port Aransas has taken a stand against development. It will be interesting to compare the 2 communities in 20 years...

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