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Steve Fouga

Excellent news -- as long as the poll surveyed a broad range of voters, and the questions were worded in a way that the typical Texan could answer honestly according to his/her true (probably strongly conservative) beliefs.

My hope is that the coast will be seen by Texas's conservative populace as vital and even necessary to the state's well-being -- an economic engine that absolutely must be protected to keep Texas as strong and relatively independent as it is now. It's one thing to answer survey questions, quite another to demand your conservative senator or congressman take steps to protect the coast. And still another to vote for a less-conservative replacement.

I hope a leader will arise who can see that coastal flood protection, environmental health, flood insurance affordability and subsidies, job creation in petrochemicals, shipping, commercial fishing and tourism, are inextricably tied to each other and to Texas's future as an economic power. And I hope he or she has the skill and fortitude to do something about it.

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