LEAGUE CITY — A man who arrived home Tuesday night and found someone in his garage was shot at as he tailed the would-be burglar, police said.

At about 9:45 p.m. the owner of a house in the 1500 block of Tahoe Court was pulling into his garage when he saw a man who had grabbed the homeowner’s weed trimmer, police said.

The homeowner told police the man dropped the weed trimmer and jumped into a black Lincoln MKS.

The homeowner followed the man and called 911. As he was on the phone with police, the homeowner said that the intruder fired four shots at his car.

The homeowner was not hit.

League City police swarmed the area and found a car that matched the homeowner’s description near Big League Dreams Parkway and the Interstate 45 South feeder road.

Officers reported seeing the driver of the Lincoln toss several items out the car window. 

Among them was a handgun, League City Police Department spokeswoman Reagan Pena said.

Police stopped the vehicle.

The driver, Ryan Olmos, 22, of League City was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and tampering with evidence. 

He was being held on bonds totaling $225,000.

Pena said other charges were pending. 


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Kevin Lang

I imagine there could be other charges pending for discharging a firearm from a moving vehicle, especially in a public area.

For the rest of the young adults in the community, this takes one person out of the competition for jobs, unless your idea of a good job is making little rocks out of big rocks or printing license plates.

Dwight Strain

What the heck was he throwing out the car? Not the drugs and guns

Ron Shelby

Probably things stolen from the home already.

Ron Shelby

I'm a No Tolerance individual in regards to this kind of behavior. He needs to be prosecuted and sentenced to the full extent for attempted murder.

The Daily Blues
Stevie Maradeo

All of that over a weed trimmer? He was better off selling the Lincoln for money.

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