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The Daily News invited candidates from contested races in the upcoming elections to participate in questionnaires, which were compiled largely from points that readers requested us to ask on their behalf.

Follow the following link to review the profiles from those who participated.

Candidate questionnaires.

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john wolbrecht

Mr. Aulds
What methods did the Daily News use to collect the responses to the questionnaires?
It appears as though spell-check and grammar review were not available tools in the response process.
I am voting for the candidate who can communicate effectively and spell, punctuate, and use capitalization rules to represent me!

Steve Fouga

"It appears as though spell-check and grammar review were not available tools in the response process."

Apparently the candidates were given the same tools the GDN itself uses. And many forum members, as well...

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

Johnew: As we tell the candidates we do not edit their responses. They fill out the forms directly. Their answers are not reviewed by our staff before becoming available to the public. When we use the responses for stories or in the print edition we do edit at that point. But many candidates do tell us they review their answers before posted. We give the candidates several days to respond and almost always end up extending the deadline to give them time to review their answers.

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