Someone is going to win $3,000 from The Galveston County Daily News for a “dream vacation” this summer. 

Starting today, The Daily News is launching a fun and exciting new promotion that will reward subscribers with chances to win $3,000 in cold, hard cash to be used for a vacation of their dreams. 

We are really excited to offer this reward to a lucky subscriber. Being that Galveston County is a natural tourism destination — from the beaches, fishing, ranches — we just feel like this would be a great reflection of our community.

The contest, which runs through July 18, will reward readers who subscribe, renew or extend seven-day-a-week home-delivery of The Daily News. 

We wanted everyone to be able to play. This is about Galveston County and those who look to our newspaper as their first source for news, advertising and community information. 

A large media campaign will work to reach people through nearly a dozen different creative channels. Besides large, colorful displays in the newspaper, people throughout the community will be touched by social media, direct mail and postcards, to mention just a few outlets designed to reach people where they live. 

For more information on how you can enter, please call The Daily News at 409-683-5260 or look for the big, bright contest logo on our website

Additionally, you can contact our staff email at


Leonard Woolsey is publisher of The Galveston County Daily News.

(7) comments

Andy Aycoth

Send me my money!

Linda Chapa-Gionet

When I win I'll be going to Eleuthra Bahamas. Adios Amigos!

Robert Emanuel

Are electronic-only subscribers also eligible?

Yvonne Mascorro

Yes! All subscribers (home delivered, mail, and online subscribers) are eligible to enter the contest.

Stevie Maradeo

I will take a cruise for sure. And gamble the difference when out at sea.

Andy Aycoth

Home Delivery only ? Guess GFN does not value me ??

Yvonne Mascorro

All subscriptions are eligible to participate. Online, Mail and Home delivered.

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