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Who in the world would make this "Breaking News" that this football player is gay, in other words who cares. He is human and this is private information. The Galveston Daily News made it sound like he won the lottery. OMG he's gay. who cares about his private life, really. Good for him. end of story.

Doyle Beard

terible journslism. Who really cares. Is this earth shattering news, wake up GDN and report real news.

Steve Fouga

Seriously disappointed with these posts. Are y'all posting drunk?

As for Mr Sam, what a courageous dude! This shouldn't have to be a big deal, but it is. Kudos for coming out. Best of luck in the NFL!

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

Sweet Sue LaRue, don't worry we dont want your money anyway... To all those who have reported Sweet Sue LaRue's comments that have clearly violated our use policy, we are getting to that soon...

Lars Faltskog

Well, to the generic "who cares" and "what's the big deal" posts, well it IS a big deal. Until very recently our institutions in the U.S. hid the gay/lesbian concept under the table. The NFL is no doubt one of the last vestiges of this type of mentality. The military, somewhat further ahead, but with a long way to go.

Then, when every institution realizes that being gay or lesbian makes no difference in a person's moral character or in that person's ability to thrive and achieve, then announcements like this are a joy and are novelty.


I would guess Jarred Cosart thinks its a big deal.


OMG!!! Who cares about your sex life? Really, get back to basics, This is really grossing me out!!

I have Gay friends and they don't flaunt it! Just get back to the game of things!

Lars Faltskog

Some folks might indeed care about his sex life. There's possibly another young man out there (maybe in the sports world, or maybe not) who would gladly want to be his mate.

Sounds like he's got his whole life ahead of him. Too bad your gay friends don't "flaunt" it more. They sound booooring [wink]

Valerie Palmer

I for one am glad that Michael is the first not be afraid of what people say going into the draft! Michael, you were always a standup man. Keep being the leader I have known you to be.

Stephen Maradeo

This is national news people.
It just happened to be in Galveston County that the FIRST openly gay person will enter into the NFL, so of course, The Daily News will run the story. Personally, he should've waited until he was drafted. I am afraid that he might have lowered his draft stock. I hope not, but you know how judgmental people can be.

Steve Fouga

I heard a good comment on The Herd this morning. Colin Cowherd pointed out that while his admission could easily cost him some draft stock, by coming out he can be sure whoever does draft him is OK with it. That in itself could be worth any lost stock.

Andy Aycoth

This so called not news made the Drudge Report.

Norman Pappous

Great job Michael Sam!!

Jose' Salinas

His sexuality or his sports ability are of minor significance, when there should be more emphasis on the fact, that as along as he takes his education to better his himself and his future are all that really matter. He has the love of his family, the respect of his peers & the support of this community. Football is fleeting but education is eternal.

MG Tex

What I find interesting is that we keep being told, by the media of course, how important and courageous this is, but when you talk to actual football players ... Guys who have been in the locker room ... Their reaction is a resounding yawn. Yet the media wants to keep it stirred up.

Let the guy play football. We are always told how it is none of our business what people do in their private lives (ie B Clinton, M Jackson, etc ...) yet when a gay athlete comes out, all of a sudden we DO care.

Look, I applaud the young man for thinking this is what he needed to do at this time in his life. I pray that God speaks to him and provides him the guidance he needs. However, it doesn't make him a protected class ... The public still has the right to disagree with his lifestyle if that's what THEY believe. Some may be more caveman like, and some may be more peaceful and Bible based. But they all have their rights to their opinion, and by him allowing himself to be a public figure, he is open to that arena of public opinion. And often that means bad things will be said about him and his lifestyle. It's tough but it's true. He made the choice, so now he will fight through and be prosperous.

I think he is a mature enough young man to realize that there is the chance he could fairly or unfairly become the target of negative opinions.

And, last I checked we still have a 1st Amendment, and it is not reserved for the media or those who just feel rather than think. Some of us may not like what we hear about this subject but it is the right of others to voice their thoughts on it. Just disagreeing with him doesn't make somebody any sort of "homophobe" or "racist". Some may be, but by just disagreeing with his lifestyle doesn't. Until we become Canada, people still have the right to voice their views on homosexuality and what the Bible teaches on the subject.

It would have been interesting to see how the great people of our county would have reacted if it was somebody else we didn't know and respect from someplace else. I wish him the best, and God's guidance and wisdom.

Lars Faltskog

Response to mgtex posted at 2:07 pm on Tue, Feb 11, 2014:

Right to disagree or agree with a "lifestyle": Since Sam said only a couple of days ago he was gay, how was his "lifestyle" before his revelation? Worth approving then and not now? I wonder how we'd feel if Sam were to remain in a "straight" world, where perhaps he will find a woman, settle down with her, and have 2.5 kids. Would most of us approve of that type of "lifestyle"?

Or, do many more folks now say they will object to his new and different "lifestyle" we imagine he will have? That is, a "lifestyle" of making dates with other men, perhaps not having 2.5 children? Do we approve or disapprove of his lifestyle of going to a gay club, wearing tight clothes, kissing, and admiring other guys?

Then again: There are probably quite a few folks who might object to a "lifestyle" of a christian man and a christian woman going to a church or a club seeking a mate of opposite sex (kissing, admiring, showing PDA), and then succumbing to a traditional marriage (that will have a 50% chance of ending in failure), then having 10 children. And, perhaps most folks not being rich enough to support the 10 kids, so they have to get a Lone Star Card and be a burden on the taxpayers. Is that the kind of "lifestyle" that meets more approval?

This approval and disapproval of "lifestyles" is a tricky, if not hypocritical, thing.

MG Tex

@sverige1 .... Exactly the type of response I was expecting. rather than have a discussion of the issue, attack the writer who only states a very vanilla viewpoint. Did I once attack or criticize the young man? No. But it is easier to fall back on rhetoric and call names rather than engage in a civilized forum.

You have no idea what my views are other than me stating that it is everybody's right to offer opinions. Yet, you throw out generalizations and attack. This is one reason we have a difficult time in this country. One can't give an opinion without being attacked.

Luckily, I don't take your insults personally, because as I said, you have your right to your opinion the same way I or anybody else has theirs.

I find it interesting that those who most preach tolerance are the least tolerant of all. I pray God continues to bless you sverige1, and that he continues to bless this great country.

Lars Faltskog

Response to mgtex posted at 2:07 pm on Tue, Feb 11, 2014:

Well, I don't rightly know where I called you a "name", but despite that apparent oversight, let's approach this in a slightly different fashion.

Let's say you are indeed tolerant. You and your family (bros, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, mom/dad) have a family reunion. You see your cousin, Emil. Emil told his mom and dad a couple of months ago that he was gay. You learned from your cool mom that Emil's mom and dad shuttered him out of the house. They say, "I don't approve of your lifestyle."

Emil, at the reunion, comes to you and you say, "Well, I kinda agree with your mom and dad. I don't 'approve' of your lifestyle either, but I still love you."

Now, is that REALLY being tolerant and loving on your part? With what you say to Emil (although generic and vanilla): will Emil want to still be your friend and will he confide in you? Will he think you approve of him as being a fine, and well-adjusted person? I vote, probably "no". Then again, I'm glad you'll continue to say to Emil, "God bless". That is something.

MG Tex

Yes actually being honest with those you love does warrant trust. All actions prompt counter actions. You CAN love somebody and not approve of their lifestyle. That has nothing to do with being gay.

What if he was an alcoholic, a drug addict, an irresponsible husband who mistreats his wife, and adulterous wife ... ?? You can still love them but you always have to be honest with them and stand for the truth, not just try to make them feel good. A good parent tells their children that the truth can hurt sometimes but I will always love you.

If you are a true Bible believing Christian you understand all this. You understand it is our great commission to spread the word and love of Jesus, speak the truth, and love your neighbor as yourself.

So yes, you can love somebody and not approve of their lifestyle. You CAN stand for what you believe and still love and show compassion and care.

Lars Faltskog

Response to mgtex posted at 5:16 pm on Tue, Feb 11, 2014:

OK, now, mgtex. Don't dig yourself into a snowbank like they're doing in Atlanta nowadays. You just added icing to the cake of your previous post by sealing your fate, in regard to making a gay/lesbian feel his/her existence is substandard and/or deviant. You plainly compared alcoholics and drug addicts to gays and lesbians. You do realize what you said.

God help your loved ones if you really end up having a family member in Sam's state of being. The revelation of gayness could happen in your family, or extended family. See if this next bit of self-analysis will help you realize your thwarted way of thinking:

Here it is - Try to be honest and admit that you and your christian family have (in the past, and probably still today) been sitting in your living room "running down" all the deviants, which most certainly include (in your eyes) the gays. Folks who personify the ilk of intolerance in this way very likely also disparage the non-christian, immigrant, individuals/families "on the dole", and who knows who else. I ought to know, because my family used to do that too until we saw the light of our love and Jesus' love. BTW - Jesus was in his early 30s and never married. What kind of "intolerable" life could He have been leading?

Brian Cann

Mgtex did not compare gays to anything, he was giving examples of other things that he/she doesn't agree with. Quit trying to put words into people's mouth. Just debate the point and quit trying to play gotcha with semantics and straw men.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Rockstrongo posted at 6:37 pm on Feb 11, 2014:

Well, lack of clear “semantics” certainly brought misunderstandings of mgtex’s meaning in this case. Perhaps I misunderstood his intentions to parlay love and understanding. But, I beg to differ. I heard loud and clear otherwise.

In his previous post, he said that although he and others don’t approve of the gay “lifestyle” (just as they don’t approve of drug addicts), he will “still give love”. As for the “gotchas”, there is none. We simply need a clear understanding in this country about this issue. Being gay is not a “lifestyle” to be deemed negative, not the same as being a drug addict. Many gays/lesbians are law-abiding and moral people you would want as brothers, sisters, neighbors, and spiritual advisors.

I am simply debating the point that there was a clear comparison of gays in a negative light now on this thread, in the same breadth as drug addicts. Being gay is not negative nor undesirable. Many are wonderful, life-enriching people. No matter what the paranoid guardians of “god and family” think.

Robert Buckner

Let the man play football, I don't care who he sleeps with as long as a child isn't involved. The rest of ya'll take a chill pill.

ole dad

No one cares about your sexuality when you apply for a job. Only that you are able to perform and hopefully at a high level that influences the performance of the team whether in sports or business. There is more to this than meets the eye. As the year plays out we will see.

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