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Robert Buckner

Is that from the Lone Star Museum at Scholes TJ?

TJ Aulds
TJ Aulds


Don Ciaccio

I for one can't wait Til those planes are gone from Galveston

Brian Cann

You need to get a grip! 2 people are dead, their families are heart broken; but all you care about is getting rid some planes??!!! Go pound sand you nincompoop!

Jay Allen

Don233, you are no dought one cold dude man. I cant wait till all you non aviators move away from the AIRPORTS!!! After all, the airports were there first then you decided to move in... Nevermind, you couldn't understand. Might need more edjumacation... LOL
PS: God rest their Souls and pray for their families.[wink]


Prayers for the families

Carlos Ponce

My prayers go out to the friends and families of those who lost their lives. My dad served aboard an aircraft carrier USS Shipley Bay CVE-85 in World War II and loved seeing those old war birds in the air above Galveston. I hope this does not the deter those who preserve the history of these fine aircraft at the Museum. Keep them flying!

Susan Holliman

Prayers to all involved. It is such a shame about the plane, but a true tragedy about the plane.


The pilot has been identified as 51-year-old Keith Hibbet, and the passenger has been identified as 66-year-old John Stephen, a United Kingdom native who was visiting Texas with his wife to celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary.

Steve Fouga

Can't agree with Don223 on this one. It's a privilege to see the warbirds in the air over Galveston. My dad was in B-17s during WW II, and I spent 36 years in the aircraft business before retiring. To me the airplanes are even better than the seagulls and pelicans. Makes me feel at home.

RIP, and Keep 'em Flying!

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