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Andy Aycoth

They now have several oil booms blocking the cruise ship terminal. They just put up within last couple of hours. I don't see the cruise ships return anytime soon.


I am from Los Angeles where we are have close beautiful beaches such as Malibu and Venice. I'd be very disturbed if there was an oil spill in our waters threatening wildlife, among having many other negative impacts. Im sorry if this sounds selfish but i am posting this as i lay in bed in a hotel room in Galveston when i should be at sea. Myself and 3 others drove from LA to galveston as we had booked a 7-day caribbean cruise with Carnival. 2 of us have never experienced a cruise, and now due to the oil spill our trip is affected. We are not angry at things we can not control, nor do we blame Carnivnal and are aware people are working at sea as quickly and efficiently as possible to clean up the spill so ships can continue with their jobs. But i think its fair for us to be upset that Carnival is solely refunding us for A lost day. Thats it. Not to mention, the day lost is not a "day at sea" we lose a location because ship will not be able to make it to Jamaica on a 6 day trip. Although we still have caymen islands and cozumel mexico, our plans were to visit 3 places, we cant help but be bummed and expect a little more from Carnival. Offering to cover hotel accomodations, or some credit onboard would have shown more concern for their passengers. Carnival stated in an email to their passengers "we are sorry but refunds will not be provided for flight changes, hotel accomodations, meals, transfers, or other incedental costs resulting from this delay" Im curious what Carnival offered to passengers onboard who were waiting to disembark who probably missed flights home and were forced to get hotels too. Like i mentioned earlier, we are not upset over the unexpected events, we simply feel that getting a one day refund is not all they can do, its all they will do. It is my first time in Houston and im loving the southern hospitality. Carnival, not so much.

Mike Leahy

Cynthia8: Your bad luck was in the choice of Carnival, the "John's Bargain Store" of the seas. Sorry for your fouled up vacation. Are you waiting for the Carnival Triumph? She is standing by at Pier 10 because there is no more room at the passenger piers. Not too long ago, there were a lot of passengers on the Triumph who made it out to sea right on time but...had quite a bit of trouble getting back ashore.

When you are at home next, take a look at the tankers moored at offshore buoys off El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. Or take a quick ride (it is only 2 miles) on a boat out of Marina Del Rey to see them up close and the pack of seals sunning themselves on each of the buoys to which the tankers are moored. Those ships are pumping Alaskan North Slope crude oil from Valdez, thru a underwater pipeline to Unocal refineries on the beach. You are wise to hope there is no spill in your waters because you are very vulnerable.

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