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Paula Flinn

My husband and i used to fish in Galveston Bay. It was very nasty. We caught slimy goo on our fishing lines and hooks. I would not go in that polluted bay water. Made you feel like you had to sterilize yourself after wade fishing.

JD Arnold

Flesh eating bacteria, smelly stinking rotting seaweed, colder than normal water temps well in to summer, paid seawall parking with no new amenities, Galveston just can not catch a break.

Carlos Ponce

Shhhhh, you'll scare the tourists![scared]

Jarvis Buckley

Man from Orange Texas (local constable ) got flesh eating bacteria last week wading in gulf around
Crystal beach. Keep your children out of the water.

Jarvis Buckley

I carried a friend to his grave
From flesh eating bacteria.
Please folks stay out of the
water. 🌈

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