GALVESTON – Five people were taken to the hospital late Friday evening following a motor vehicle accident.

The accident resulted in a Crown Victoria stranded the front yard of the home at 1727 Broadway.

Witnesses at the scene, including the homeowner, said they heard a crash and a loud boom that shook the two-story home.

The white sedan appeared to have crashed through a white picket fence and into the front steps of the home. The crash shifted one of the columns on its front porch.

A white Suzuki compact sat nearby on the corner of 18th Street and Broadway, with damage to its drivers side.

One of the passengers of the Suzuki was Christopher Smith Gonzalez, a reporter for The Daily News. The driver of the car Suzuki was his girlfriend, and the other two passengers were his brother and sister.

Witnesses said the Crown Victoria was heading east in the left-most lane on Broadway when it struck the Suzuki as it was attempting to cross Broadway from 18th Street. After striking the Suzuki, the Crown Victoria continued through a fence and into the front yard of the house.

Smith Gonzalez said the Crown Victoria appeared to be traveling at a high rate of speed. Witnesses said the Crown Victoria turned or veered right as it struck the Suzuki.

A fire department official at the scene said five people were transported to the University of Texas Medical Branch following the accident.

The driver of the Crown Victoria suffered a broken leg. The four occupants of the Suzuki had only minor injuries. Smith Gonzalez said his brother suffered a broken arm.

The Galveston Police Department did not immediately release an accident report on the incident, or the name of the driver of the Crown Victoria.

No arrests or citations related to the accident had been made as of Saturday evening.

Contact reporter John Wayne Ferguson at 409-683-5226 or

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Stephen Murphy

The Crown Victoria looks like it is/was a police vehicle.

Valerie Beverly

Broadway is not a speed way. People drive crazy

Larry Kirkendall

IN the initial story the Crown Victoria was in the left most lane and attempted to make a right hand turn, passing in front of the Suzuki. Now the published report is that the Crown Victoria was merely changing lanes, I'd be interested in whether Mr. Gonzales rethought the events or it's now just being reported differently because the Crown Victoria looks to be an official car. How do "similar stories" not include the original version? Baseball, the symphony, and Rosenberg library are not similar stories. GCDN?

Christopher Webber

So... did the information on this ever get released? Looking at the antenna on the vehicle it has all the earmarks of being law enforcement. You just have to think somebody "protected" was behind the wheel. So much for investigative journalism.

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