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This is a scumbag who ran to the hospital to save himself. I wish they could give these kinds of people the death penalty.

George Croix

Elect the right folks to high enough office and then get enough people to demand it be an option under law, and I'd bet the death penalty could become a reality for child molesters.
I'd also bet the usual apologists would fight tooth and nail against it.
There's a reason that even the worst of other criminals are not required to register their whereabouts with law enforcement after serving their time.
Child molesters are likley to be recidivists.
If convicted, I'd like to see child molesters sent to rehab at the bottom of a hole about 6' deep.
But, that's just my opinion...


I am part of the Laurendine family and I have always hated him ever since my real papa passed and I know that she did not know just if u need some one email me at neil.laurendine@gmail.com


I agree, he should get the death penalty!
But I don't understand how the wife did not know what was going on. It was an in home daycare. She should have been supervising those children at all times. She was ultimately responsible for those kids and their parents trusted her with their children. So in my opinion she is to blame also for not protecting those babies.

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