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Bill Broussard

Heber: Regarding your editorial of a couple of daysw ago:

"Sorry, it’s too late to intervene

The Texas Education Agency would be making a mistake if it appoints a monitor or conservator for the La Marque Independent School District.Heber: Regarding your editorial a couple of days ago "

In retrospect, perhaps TEA knew somthing we didn't know at the time.

Chris Gimenez

You're probably correct. Hubris Taylor has an innate belief that he can spout an opinion without any factual basis and he will be correct in his assessment.


What in the world..........


I think, and I'm sure any normal person will agree with me, that until Ms. Fanuiel can clear her name, she should immediately resign from the position of LMISD Trustee, even if the position has been relegated to being symbolic at this time. It would be the decent thing to do.
How low can we go? How long before the TEA do the decent thing and put this school district out of it's misery? Would they let an animal suffer like this? If they will not do the right thing,....they SHOULD GO APOLOGIZE TO NORTH FOREST ISD, because LMISD makes NFISD look like Friendswood ISD! Today NFISD is no more, because the TEA put it to rest. NFISD is apart of Houston ISD now,...just like LMISD should be apart of DISD, HISD, and TCISD!

Tamala Robinson

An indictment does not mean guilty!! I don't know her, but I know an indictment does not mean guilty! Wow, !@!!@#####!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Buckner

I think the entire board should resign. They've committed fraud by taking hard earned tax dollars for educating students and wasting said funds. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. But this is America and she's innocent until proven guilty. But a GRAND JURY INDICTMENT? This isn't a police officer with a grudge making the accusation. I"ll agree with JBG and his comments. What does the word "trustee" mean anymore?[thumbdown][thumbdown]

Robert Buckner

The top two stories currently in the E edition are of a negative nature involving LMISD.[censored]

Walter Manuel

Your absolutely right Mr. JBG!

TEA should not only consider what condition our school district is in, but also what the school district is doing to our economic growth and development as a community.

Hopefully Mr. Price will make a recommendation to the board that Shirley Faniuel step down as a board member since this is a felony indictment and yet another disgrace and black eye to our school district.

It seems that since these board members were allowed to get away with so much wrong doing in the past, they again will feel that they can get away with whatever they want.

Well, that was the case before yesterday when Mr. Price was announced as our conservator. We couldn't ask for more perfect timing for our school district!

Good job investigating and reporting TJ, we look forward to you perhaps uncovering more wrong doing and letting the community know. Despite perhaps district officials thinking otherwise, we do have a right to know as taxpayers who are helping to pay their salaries!

Jim Malm

I just read the news of the indictment of Ms. Fanuel by the grand jury. I know we should consider her innocent until proven guilty, but she should resign from the board for the good of LMISD. We surely don’t need this distraction from the job of resurrecting the district. Hopefully she’ll recuse herself during her legal ordeal or resign.

Walter Manuel

Tamala, there was enough evidence presented to the grand jury in order to file charges. Period!

Now it is up to Shirley Fanuiel and her attorney to prove her innocence which will probably done by claiming that this man was her "godfather" and that's why she was left the house and annuity.

I suppose his real family might have felt differently to learn that they were left out of the will just like you or I would if it happened to either one of us?

I suppose Tamala that you hadn't been following Shirley's past attitude of entitlement have you?

Maybe someone will say, "Isn't she cute" when they see her mug shot just like she said to Chris Gonzalez when he asked her in a board meeting why she didn't complete her application when she filed to re-run for the school board?

Just saying....

Walter Manuel

I can only assume that this is the same Mr. Wade Watkins who was the chef for many years at Gaido's?

I can remember as a child going to the pelican club and Mr. Wade always coming out and always visiting with us at our table. He was such a wonderful man!

Miss Priss


I know that she has not been found guilty BUT stealing from the elderly utterly rates up there with crimes against children and makes me sick to my stomach.

Carlos Ponce

I wonder how the people who kept voting for her will feel if she is found guilty? Because of single member districting you know they are her neighbors. I once heard of a school board member in another district who ran for the school board so she would have inside knowledge of property in tax trouble before the general population. Some of those properties became her "rent" houses.

Walter Manuel

Carlos, for years people have claimed that Shirley would go to nursing homes and walk the streets getting elderly people to apply for absentee ballots and then when the ballots would come in she and others would help them fill them out and mail them back in so that she could be re-elected each year.

During the school district's tax ratification election, mysteriously voters on the same streets in various areas throughout LMISD all mailed in their ballots on the same day to the county in which was received on the same day in the courthouse.

This is also the same woman who accussed Mr. Price the newly hired conservator for LMISD of stealing money from the school district in order to build his house when he was working for the school district.

It's seems no good deed ever goes unturned....[wink]

Walter Manuel

“We don’t have the full story,” Paul said. “It is not LMISD-related, and until I can get a full story of what is going on ... then I can better address it, but I just don’t have enough information.”

In other words, Nakisha Paul has to speak to the school district's attorney about how to respond properly to the questions being asked since she doesn't have a clue as usual as to what she's doing obviously by the current condition of the school district.

I guess this was all just a popularity contest gone wrong for some of these people currently sitting on the board see'in how everything they are doing is failing right before their very eyes!

It will be interesting to see if those 9 other properties in fact belong to Ms. Fanuiel legally or did she prey on other innocent victims who didn't have anybody else overseeing their financial matters?

I know one of the 9 properties is her mother's house that she currently lives in, but what about the 8 others?

I've always been told that you never get something for nothing in life....[wink]

Lamb Chop

She should resign or be forced to resign. A teacher indicted by the grand jury, or one who commits acts against a child would be forced to resign. What she did is no different, she preyed on an elderly person and stole from him.

Get RID of this school boar, all of them! LMISD will never have a chance unless there is a new school board and new school administrators. The current ones have had a chance and failed.

Andy Aycoth

Really just resign ? Put her away now for ever !

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