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Steve Fouga

Good grief. Prayers for the families, and RIP for the victims. Prayers for the officers involved too. Geez that must be a tough job...

Stuart Crouch

Right about now would be a good time to take a looksee at DPD & maybe LCPD's Pursuit Policies. I would be curious to know under what circumstances the police are required to abandon a pursuit for the greater safety of the general public (which now includes four decedents). These two did not appear to be identified as fleeing felons.

With statements like, "we couldn't keep up" and "speeds of up to 100 mph", the 'win at all cost, or kill some while trying' mentality just doesn't hold up. A family of four should not be considered as collateral damage.

Sam Laza

First off Prayers to the family of the people who died in that crash. LCPD and DPD and all other Agencies for that matter need to re-evaluate your protocal for high speed chases. Those Officers are smart enough to know that 100 mph is way to fast and very dangerous. The obviously had the license plates they could of stopped chasing the vehicle and that crash could've been avoided. The statements like "we couldn't keep up" is just ridiculous OF COURSE YOU COULDN'T KEEP UP!!!. Now because of that chase a family of 4 innocent people are gone. How devastating. OFFICERS OF THE LAW re-evaluate your procedures for high speed chases. If that happened to my family you best believe I will be calling my Attorney to Sue. High Speed chases are dangerous period. CHANGE YOUR PROCEDURES. The crime these 2 did and are now dead I hope it was worth that chase because 4 innocent people are dead because of it. [angry]

Carlos Ponce

"The obviously had the license plates......." Do you know that for a fact? News reports from KHOU state "Police say the Durango was swerving all over the road and fled when an officer pursued it." Identifying the plate numbers would have been difficult with the Durango "swerving".

Jim Forsythe

Dickinson Police Capt. Jay Jaekel said an officer tried pulling a Dodge Durango over near Deats Road after he saw the truck swerving and running without headlights on at about 8:20 p.m.
They hit a car during pursuit
- Leaving the scene of an accident will now be as serious a crime as intoxication manslaughter in the state of Texas
failure to pull over for police,
and more infractions. This was not some joy ride.
This could have been avoided, if they had pulled over for police.

Doyle Beard

So sad that 4 innocent people in another vehicle had to pay this price for someone who would not take responsibility for their actions. The cause of the accicedents lies solely on that person. a felony warrant for DWI ia serious and this person seem no to care. People need to wake up and be responsible citizens .

Kevin Lang

From my reading of the article, it seems that Officer Jaekel lost the suspect. He was not in pursuit at the time of the crash. The only thing the loser in the Durango was running from at that point were his own skeletons in his own closet.

The poor excuse driving the Durango got what he deserved. It's too bad the laws of physics didn't give the innocent victims a pass in this. What happened to the people in the Accord was completely undeserved, and their family, friends, and acquaintances are in my prayers. I'm withholding judgement on the Durango's passenger, but I do wish the best for the families, friends, and acquaintances of both of those.

Kevin Lang

Oops! Upon re-reading, I see that Officer Jaekel was the spokesperson, not the officer involved in the pursuit. The Chronicle says that the DPD officer was only in pursuit for about a minute and a half--a little more than a mile. I assume the rest of the time and distance were filled with just the Durango driver trying to flee his own demons.


Both DPD and LCPD are good agencies (they have their good guys) but some will write tickets for five miles over the posted limit. I see them sitting in wait at various locations every morning in my commute. And I've observed pullovers when the best judgment has not been used by the officer in selecting location for the pullover because of the obvious danger to other drivers. (Not to mention to himself and the alleged speeder).
However, on the flip side, there are some crazy drivers out there and we need our agencies to protect and serve. We can only hope when doing so that they have and use the very best common sense and judgment. This tragedy can educate.

J. Shaffer

Absolutely tragic. Condolences to everyone involved.

If the police tried to pull the driver over at Deats and the feeder road, the entire pursuit was 3.2 miles. A pretty short distance. I figure the police saw the first wreck and hesitated on the turn to Ohio.....

Remember, too, the officer was far enough away that he didn't even see the second wreck occur. This warrant running fool may well have gotten away at that point had he made it through the intersection...... because the initial officer was too far away, the people at the first scene needed assistance or because the pursuit WAS unsafe in the officers opinion.

There are some WICKED train tracks there.... I can imagine it was a little like Dukes of .... uh.... somewhere..... flying over those. No way I'd follow at 100mph.

One of the difficulties with having a license plate number is proving who was driving. Remember, SUVs don't kill people......

Allan Knape

Y'all have got to be kidding me, blaming the officer involved. He tried pulling them over, and they ran. If a car runs from the police they're supposed to get a free pass? If I can reach 100mph then shame on the officer for trying to catch me? Geez people, get a reality check. This illegal should have been in his own country!

Kevin Lang

Where does it say that the driver was here illegally? I think his legal status as a driver at the time of the crash might be a bit clearer--he definitely wasn't driving legally--even if he had a license, the recklessness was clearly illegal. In any event, he's now legally dead. Unfortunately, so are 5 others due to his stupidity.

Chris Gimenez

It was reported on FOX News that this criminal illegal alien was on the phone with his girlfriend during the chase and he told her he was afraid of being deported if he stopped. Of course we're not going to hear the facts from the lamestream media or this rag because it might offend someone.

Kevin Lang

Well, if he'd previously been charged with a felony, I'd prefer that he'd have been made to serve his sentence here first before being deported. I don't, for a second, believe that the Mexican authorities would jail him on a US charge. I'd like to hear an explanation as to how it happened that he was arrested in April 2013 for Felony DWI, and was able to float around the area for nearly 16 months before he surfaced on Sunday night. I would tend to think that if he's as bad as a driver as he showed, there should have been a number of police agencies that could have, or should have, had him land on their lap before this.

Whether he's a legal or illegal immigrant, he should have been serving time on the prior charges.

Lars Faltskog

Well bvResidue -

Would it have been more palatable to our sensibilities (given that you nor I aren't directly affected by this tragedy) if the criminal had been a 6th generation Anglo-American with blue hair and blond eyes? hmmm?

Chris Gimenez

Servitude, you are ignorant beyond description. Let's try injecting some common sense into what happened here although I understand that rarely enters into your comments. If the criminal illegal alien had been deported when he first entered this country or when he entered the criminal justice system then the family of four would not be dead tonight. It's that simple.

I know it doesn't comfort with your desire to inject race into everything that spews from your mouth but my comments point to the fact that had our immigration laws been enforced by your president rather than ignored there would not be six people dead this week.

Kevin Lang

I don't want to play the game of catch, transport, and release with felons. Catch them, hold them, try them, convict them, lock them up, and then deport them. Had we deported him after arresting him, he very well could have been in the same spot he was on Sunday night. I'd rather he was spending time in Huntsville. That's what Mexican authorities would do to us under the same circumstances.

I'm wondering how much of his being out drunk-driving on Sunday was due to the Federal Immigration bureaucracy, and how much of it was due to our own state's allowance of letting an illegal immigrant be released on bond when facing felony charges, or at the very least not keeping tight tabs on him prior to trial. Heck, the laxity shown him was excessive even if it had been someone like you or me.

Carlos Ponce

sveige, why do you assume that an illegal alien cannot appear Anglo? When was the last time you were in Mexico, Central or South America? I am familiar with and related to blonde haired, red haired, brown haired, dark haired individuals from south of the border with blue eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, brown eyes. You have a set image of someone from south of the border as having brown skin and brown eyes only. That is not necessarily so.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 9:45 pm on Wed, Aug 13, 2014:

Be honest, BVresident -
If this story had involved a non-Hispanic (i.e. Anglo) perpetrator, you would not be writing your continual lamentations about "all the awful things" the illegals are doing. And, you wouldn't be tying such thread to the "sorry" job that President Obama has been doing.

You point out I don't speak with reality...well...here's some simple logic: Do you really think this kind of incident hasn't occurred outside of Obama's watch in, let's say, 2002? Should we blame Bush #2, or how about when these kinds of chases/crashes occurred in the 80s....was Reagan's amnesty act to blame for "illegal" drivers back then committing their heinous crimes?

And carlosrponce: Just my point exactly. I, in fact, do know that there exist Mexicans who are fair skinned, etc. That's why folks like BevoResident and mainlandlass have ridiculous tie-ins when they blame immigrants for these crimes. I'm willing to bet these 2 individuals hold quite anarchic stereotypes of Hispanics....that they're all "indigenous" and look like La India Maria.

Anyhow, carlosrponce...you're making assumptions about me again. I know very well, for instance, of the northern Mexican Irish immigrants who settled and formed the San Patricio region. So, no...you are correct: not all Hispanics are dark. But, I bet Bevoresident in his racial profiling doesn't know this little geography/history lesson.

Jasmine Mendez

i Actuallly Knew Him Since 2nd Grade , Lets Not Argue This is a Moment Of Peace For The Teenager Who Still Had a Long time & Future to Live But Was Taken Away He will Be Missed Dearly Luis angel Gurerro 12-10-00 _ 8-11-14 We Love you


Really have to wonder about police judgement on chases.

Barbara Czencz

My sympathy is with the entire family that lost members. They are the most important ones now.
However, speeds like that should never be involved in a police chase for the exact reason we are offering sympathy to these peoples family. The chase should have been broken off. They will get caught another time.

thomas herring

Prayers to the family of the victims, the officers and first responders! What a senseless death.

It is going to be really hard for the police departments to stop criminals if all the policies change to stop high speed pursuits. Granted was this worth the death of 4 innocent family members, but where do we go from here? Allow all hardened criminals to run from police when they realize they can now? Now only the upstanding citizens who are just speeding will get stopped. All hardened criminals get a free pass? I feel for the police, and especially this officer involved in this case. I do not envy them or even know what they must be going through.
But what are they supposed to do and how do they control crime, catch criminals, do their jobs if we stop high speed chases? I know - one precious family for sure would be alive today - but that is the criminals fault for running.

Our country will become a country of criminals doing their thing because they can't be caught.....and don't get me started on gun control by taking guns of law abiding citizens, and then the same criminals will find a way to have their guns and run from the law because they can now. What is happening to our country?

George Croix

Hold off on the review of procedures until it can be done in a less reactive environment with the attendant pressure to 'do something', whether anything needs to be done or not.

When the review is done, keep in mind who actually caused the wreck, then work backwards from that...

Andy Aycoth

This was no chase. Suspect took off and lasted about a mile. Think it would have happen anyway without chase because suspect wanted to make sure and evade arrest.
As far as not chase let's say someone just murder you spouse or child and do not have plate or discription of suspect. Police see this car at a distinct speeding away . You do not have a good description of vehicle . You just say oh well we are not going to patcipate in a high speed chase for fear he make get into an accident and harm someone else?

Lars Faltskog

I'm with Jake on this one. Tough job. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. For folks who think the cops "should have held off" on the pursuit:

Let's put ourselves in the shoes of an officer on duty. You have to make a quick judgment, and as Alvin says, it's not really a "chase" if you go only a mile. That's quick thinking, being on duty, and enforcing the law (which means don't evade or try to split when approached). Police had every reason to "chase", "pursue" - whatever it's called.

Andy Aycoth

One of these days mane technology will be able to prevent this by being able to disable cars remotely. Until then I am in favor of portable rocket launchers .

Carlos Ponce

In lieu of portable rocket launcher do they have the technology to fire an adhesive GPS transmitter at the vehicle or is that just fantasy? Just an idea to possibly save lives.

Chris Gimenez

I think it would be important to ask our D.A. whether they knew he was here illegally when he was first apprehended and charged and whether they tried to have him incarcerated without bond as a flight risk. But of course that would require editors with the courage to ask D.A. Roady the tough questions and that ain't gonna happen.

The last thing Heber Taylor wants to dredge up is the possibility that Roady has this family's blood on his hands.

George Croix

Perhaps it was because of something similar to this:

The Washington Times, Monday, May 12, 2014
"Immigration officials knowingly released dozens of murderers and thousands of drunken drivers back into the U.S. in 2013, according to Obama administration statistics that could undercut the president’s argument that he is trying to focus on the most serious criminals in his immigration enforcement.
Among the 36,000 immigrants whom U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released from custody last year there were 116 with convictions for homicide, 43 for negligent manslaughter, 14 for voluntary manslaughter and one with a conviction classified by ICE as “homicide-willful kill-public official-gun.”
The immigrants were in deportation proceedings, meaning ICE was trying to remove them from the country and could have held them in detention but released them anyway, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, which published the numbers Monday. The Washington Times also obtained the data.
“This would be considered the worst prison break in American history, except it was sanctioned by the president and perpetrated by our own immigration officials,” said Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican. “The administration’s actions are outrageous. They willfully and knowingly put the interests of criminal immigrants before the safety and security of the American people.”

Not to worry...the President is looking out for us.....

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