TEXAS CITY — A man charged with murder hours after a body was found in an abandoned house Saturday told police he stabbed another man with an ice pick more than 15 times after waking to the sight of the victim masturbating, according to a probable-cause affidavit.

Thomas Ray Graham, 30, told detectives he found the ice pick near the front door of the abandoned house in the 600 block of Martin Luther King Avenue, where he decided to go to sleep Aug. 21 after getting into a fight with his boyfriend.

When Graham woke up, a man he did not know was in the room exposing himself, according to the affidavit.

Graham told police he kicked the man’s legs out from under him and used an ice pick to stab him in the chest between 15 and 20 times. Graham said he then went to the convenience store to buy sodas and smoked a “crack rock” he found on the ground before returning to the abandoned house.

Graham said he found the man “rolling around the floor, gasping for air, gurgling,” and told him to blink his eyes if he wanted mercy, according to the affidavit.

“He blinked his eyes, so I slit his throat and I stabbed him in the chest,” Graham told police.

Graham, who was convicted of sexual assault of a child in Sulphur Springs in 2006 and served an 8-year sentence, told police he used a knife he has carried since being released from prison.

Graham told police he took the man’s shoes and discarded the ice pick, then went back to his boyfriend’s house.

Two days later, Graham approached an off-duty police officer in Houston, where he was detained. Put on speakerphone with a Texas City detective, Graham directed police to the abandoned house on Martin Luther King Avenue.

Lindsey Ovie Gamble, 61, was found dead of multiple stab wounds to his torso, police said. He was wearing a bloody shirt and was nude from the waist down when officers arrived, according to the affidavit.

Graham remained at the Galveston County Jail with bond set at $250,000. He did not have an attorney listed as of Wednesday, according to court records.

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desi rivera

[angry] Why does the media insist on revealing such (disturbing) details/information on deceased victims? I am sure it only adds salt to the wound of the family members to publicly expose such personal information about the person they loved. There is no respect for privacy anymore. Society's morbid curiosity is fueled by such grueling details as the victim's family stand by helpless having to deal with an already heartbreaking reality that their loved ones passed in such a vile way. I personally know what it is to see my tragedy posted on the front page of a newspaper. It is cruel and disrespectful. There are tasteful ways to relay the news in our communities. Media lacks compassion and respect. Very very sad.

Evelyn Clark

I hate to say it but you al know how the news works. Was OK for MB to l;ay in streets for hours.. JUSTING ASKING [sad]

Richard Worth

Because if they don't include the details, the accusations of "Coverup!" will immediately start flying. Darned if they do, darned if they don't.

Stevie Maradeo

At least he covered up for the drug dealer by saying he "found" a crack rock.

And the whole story is based on what Graham stated. It could've happened differently, but we only know one side of the story.

Linda Basile

The subject story is disheartening at best. The victim (Lindsey Gamble) was a father, husband and son. You took the story of a convicted sex offender and blasted it to the world without knowing anything about the victim or the validity of the offenders story. I think you owe this family a huge public apology. They have tragically lost a loved one.

Evelyn Clark

I am feeling sad for this family. Remember we must think the same for all families.when a family membner is a victim of a sad crime.


Andy Aycoth

I am feeling sad about people like this exist .

Lars Faltskog

Well, I don't think our society is ever going back to the days when things like this are "hush hush". There's citizens who feel they have a "right to know", especially since something this heinous is occurring in their neighborhood. After all, we live in a society that is curiosity-seeking, to the vein of TMZ, Springer.

Would be ideal if more concerted efforts were available to demolish such abandoned houses. That way, these indescretions that lead up to the violence can hopefully occur elsewhere. Here's another observation/question: Why would a family man show up at an abandoned house in the first place? Was his need to "release" that bad? He obviously had a sickness that was left unanswered.

Andy Aycoth

Sverige1 so it is societies fault ?

Lars Faltskog

Response to Alvinbr62 posted at 10:52 am on Sat, Sep 6, 2014:

No, but what I do think is that these days folks are quick to demand "transparency". So, the downside is that every gruesome detail is at hand for us thru internets, IPods, APPs, and so forth. We can't and won't go back.

As far as the pervert who was a "family man" going in that house....no one knows (and that includes psychiatrist field) why people end up being such pervs and why some act on it. Others appear to at least put a lid on it, curtail it, and/or don't get caught.

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