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I do not think BP not Exxon were given this opportunity. what is the price of Marine life? What is the price of cleaning a cleaning a boat that may have been fishing that day or days after? Can we really put a discount on that?[sad]

Joel Martin


J. Shaffer

Because corporations are people too..... right up until you sue them. Then it's darn hard to find someone to take responsibility.

Trish Bold

NOT .... from the area, limitation on liability, move the proceeding to Houston....outrageous!

Andy Aycoth

These two shipping companies are not going to take responsibility and do what is right like BP. The judges at Federal court level are letting people with fraudulent claims take advantage of BP while BP is trying to do the right thing.
I see why Buzzbee wants it to go to federal court .

Mike Leahy

The demonization of the owners of the M/V Summer Wind would be more properly deferred until the final determination of the cause of the allision of the vessels.

Kirby is the responsible party for the spill itself. Liability will only shift (in part) to the owners and /or operators (depending on the nature of their charter party) of the ship involved if the M/V Summer Wind is found to be responsible for the allision with the barge and its tug. So far, I have yet to see any reports on that and, realistically, it will be some fair amount of time before that occurs. Watch for the finger pointing between the Houston Pilot and the ship's Captain to commence in earnest then. The precedent of San Francisco Bar Pilot John Cota, being found criminally liable and sent to prison for hitting the Oakland Bay Bridge a few years ago should give the Pilots Association and State Pilot Commissioners pause for reflection. It is also long since time to hear what role the USCG Traffic played (or failed to play) in the minutes before the allision.

As the focus turns more on the incident immediately prior to the oil spill (and without doubt the root cause of the subsequent spill), perhaps news reports could stop calling that event a "collision" and start using the correct term: allision.

By the way, I hope the 1/2 page Buzbee advertisements showing how you can interact with a really hot babe (er...I mean attorney) if you call them right away, continues indefinitely. Her photo is a really smart marketing move.

Kim Etheridge

@ miceal o'laochdha - "By the way, I hope the 1/2 page Buzbee advertisements showing how you can interact with a really hot babe (er...I mean attorney)..."

Hahaha! I've been thinking the very same thing about that ad.

George Croix

Everyone who can prove they were financially harmed by this oil spill should have their losses compensated, at least on the face value of it we have now, with no final report, no finding of fault, and indeed no information yet as to whether some anamoly beyond either's control caused the contact.
Their losses shoiuld not include those ginned up from thin air, or read from a script in a law office.
That aside, it's hard for me personally to blame anybody trying to limit their liability when you consider where the incident happened, and the record of 'accomplishment' of attorneys.
After all, in this area, we had 4000 plus 'claims' paid out when the number of killed and injured in one tragedy was 157. Some claimants were not even within 10 miles of the event when it occurred. I personally know of over 2 dozen such scoundrels, although we haven't spoken since '05. Some 'victims' were still 'claiming' two years later. Helps to have the type of representation that sees nothing wrong with phony claims.
Then, we have 45,000 people right around here willing to lie and cheat to get a piece of a potential pie hyped up by, yes, the usual suspsects.
Then, we consider that along with the massive damages actually caused by Deepwater Horizoin spill were the more massive payouts for fraud and liars, and that is STILL going on, as dishonest entities, at least one centered on a local island, try to get paid for a crystal ball reading of lost tourism, despite no impact to our shores.
Blame anyone for doing what they can to not get fleeced in such an area as this?
I don't...

Kathy Maddox

Rick Perry will let them get away with it.

George Croix

Them who?
The attorneys?
Their clients?
The barge/ship owners?
Rick is fond of a local attorney, appointing same to the A&M Board of Regents.

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