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Robert Buckner

Free advertisement via the forum?

Miceal O'Laochdha

Don't be too impressed by Kirby "stepping up to take responsibility" it was not an optional thing for them. They are required by law and by their own approved SOPEP to do so. That is neither a bad nor a good move by the vessel owners; simply what is legally required of them.

It has nothing at all to do with which vessel is determined to by fully or partially responsible for the allision itself (the bloody spell check keeps changing the term allision to allusion and I sometimes fail to proof-read. The correct term for two vessels making contact underway is "allision").

The vessel spilling the product into the navigable waters of the US is the Kirby owned barge, that is what drives who is the responsible party here. Responsible for the spill not the ship contact. There are three vessels to be considered in this incident, the barge, the tug made up to it (both owned by Kirby) and the ship. They are reporting the track record of the tug, which is right as that is what counts in this case. The history of the barge itself is not relevant. But, crews change frequently on push boats like this so, when discussing her history of groundings, allisions, etc. it is worthwhile to dig deeper as to who was in command onboard the tug at the times of these various incidents. Quite possibly all of these incidents are related to human error, not machinery failure and so who was onboard matters more than the tug itself.
You can be sure the USCG investigators, as well as the Texas GLO investigators (the GLO investigators are knowledgeable, powerful, and usually keep very quiet in these incidents) will be asking these questions. It would be good for public information if our reporters did so too, and printed the news. Just relaying what the now media-posturing COTP releases to them in news conferences is not good reporting.

Steve Fouga

I guess it's not "good form" to ask personal questions of fellow contributors on these boards, but I have to admit to curiosity about a number of you.

Like in this case, miceal, how do you know all this stuff?


George Croix

And the poisoning of the jury pool(s) begins, or at least the sweetening of the settlements.

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