As soon as Sunday's final whistle sounded the end of the dismal Houston Texans 2014 season the clock started ticking. The Texans, for the third time in franchise history will have the first pick in the NFL draft.

What to do?

The Texans have their new coach, former Penn State head coach and former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. 

So, most people think the Texans will go with a quarterback for that first pick. Many draft experts pick Teddy Bridgewater of the University of Louisville as the top pick.

In these parts a lot of people want Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M — who has yet declare he will enter the draft — as the pick. He could blame people, especially after the way Johnny Football brought the Aggies back against Duke Tuesday night.

JJ Watt told those covering the Wisconsin vs. South Carolina game at the Capital One Citrus Bowl that he wouldn't mind playing with Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, who also declared he will enter the draft.

Personally, I think the Texans need to draft for the offensive line. So, my pick is Aggies lineman Jake Matthews.

Matthews is expected to go as the No. 2 pick to St. Louis, so it isn't a stretch to think he could go No. 1. St. Louis doesn't have the QB issues that the Texans do.

And we can't forget hometown favorite Mike Evans, the Aggie and former Galveston Ball High product. But the Texans with Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins, appear set at wide receiver.

Of note, Matthews, Manziel and Evans are all predicted to be first round picks with Matthews and Manziel predicted to go in the first 10 picks by most experts.

So a quick poll. What should the Texans do with that first pick?

Now you're on the clock, cast your vote in our Daily News poll. We will publish the results in Sunday's edition of The Daily News.

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Gary Miller

Bridgewatter or Clowney would be good choices.
Manziel would be a fun choice but what he does in college games would end his career in the NFL

Kevin Lang

The Texans have lots of holes. They also have some highly-skilled, but injury-prone players. This year, the holes they left camp with were exposed early, and then the injuries to guys like Foster and Cushing, among others, exposed the holes in their depth. Between the draft and free agency, the Texans not only need to fill holes in starter ranks, but also need to improve their depth.

My suggestion is to make a good deal with another team to provide a number of quality picks for the first pick. See if you can turn the one pick into 3 players that fill big needs. If not, be prepared to grab the best impact player you can get for the scheme.

If they pick a QB, they need to make sure that he has linemen to protect him, receivers that WILL catch the ball (Hopkins and Graham, can you hear me?), and a running back or two that can stay healthy, hold onto the ball, and gain big yards in key situations. Even Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Dan Marino can't complete passes when flat on their backs

George Croix

Personally, I hope the prospect of being drafted by either Houston or Cleveland is incentive enough for #2 to stay another year at A&M.


To the Houston Texans owners. Here is a tip from someone who knows football.
Take the big defensive end from South Carolina ( Clowney ) number one,.. and take the Alabama QB in the second round. He is another Joe Montana, waiting to be snapped up!
If you don't, you can apologize to me later. Remember,...I'm the one who told John Mecom then owner of the Saints, who had the #1 pick in 1981, take Lawrence Taylor out of North Carolina,...instead of Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers out of South Carolina! George was a record breaking college running back who was a big bust in the pros! LT,....well search the history books! Mr. Mecom Poo-Pooed off my suggestion and he regretted it all his life!!!! One more thing,.....when JBG tells you something, can take to Texas First,...and tell the Mayor, I sent you!!!!
Be smart, ....don't be sorry..............[wink]

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