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Patricia Barrios

Prayers to all the people involved. This will be multiple fatalities I am afraid. Head on collisions are just so violent. Stay safe out there, people. Needless to say, with only two roads out of the West End, the traffic is a nightmare.

Trudy Deen Davis

Ditto to the loss of life. Short inconvenience.

Patricia Barrios

Oh yeah, inconvenience i can handle. So sorry the man lost his wife and his wife is hanging in the balance. Puts that nasty traffic in perspective.

Leigh Cowart

Ridiculous traffic jam. Only in Galveston!

Patricia Barrios

Oh, like fatal accidents only happen in Galveston? Shame.

Jennifer Cornwell

Wow "Leigh Cowart"!! Have a little respect for human life.

Leigh Cowart

Ridiculous traffic jam! Only in Galveston!

Jim Forsythe

Go ahead and give police Your phone number so they can call You and get the OK to shut down the road. If all You think of is You , you are a sorry person.

Mike Gallien

LeighCowart, that's awfully insensitive considering someone lost their life. Good grief!


Traffic from Stewart @ 61st to COVE VIEW is about 2hr 30m at 6pm

Jessica Boyd

My husband's uncle is the man that was killed in this accident. It's completely disheartening to see people complaining about traffic when a much loved father and family member lost their life today.

Patricia Barrios

My sincerest condolences. God rest his soul. I hope his Aunt will be ok. It;s easy to be rude anonymously behind a keyboard.


To Leigh, people's family and friends read this and are already heart broken. Maybe a nice apology is in order.[sad]


HoustonGirl, my prayers are with your family tonight. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. i was stuck in traffic this afternoon and not once did I think of myself complaining of traffic or how im about to run out of gas but only of the people who were in the car accident and wondered if they were OK or if they survived only to learn later that someone did not survive. Shame on the selfish ones who complained of traffic today, you all should give your loved ones a hug and tell them you love them before saying goodbye, you never know when youll see them again, as God always needs angels up in heaven. My condolences HoustonGirl... So sorry.

Kassie Bowman

This was my father who died.....my mother is ok, just numb. I just ask that people seriously think before they decide to get behind the wheel when drinking...


So sorry for your loss. Your family will be in our prayers.

Patricia Burrier

There are no words to comfort you and your families loss. No words to justify those who drink and drive or text/talk phone and drive except that it is a tragedy for all involved. The 5 hours inconvenience of traffic is minimal and worldwide. So is the epidemic of drinking or driving under the influence.

My prayers are with you to help you somehow cope through this very sad and avoidable loss. RIP to your Dad - may he live happily ever after throughout eternity.

Patricia Barrios

I am so very sorry. Sometimes I wonder how some people even got a license. They drive with little regard for anyone else on the road - texting, talking on the phone, eating..........everything but taking responsibility for the 5000lb plus death machine they are operating. I hope your Mom recovers from her physical injuries, but I know that her psychological wounds may never heal. Peace and prayers to you and your fmaily.


Sorry for your loss....................my deepest sympathy

Queen Toyee

I had the pleasure of working with your Dad at KBR for many years. He was a great friend, gentleman and colleague and we all will miss him. We are so sorry for your loss.


Texanforlife...I was a witness to this crash. Thought for sure there would be more lives lost. So sorry for your loss. Prayers for your mother and the rest of your family for healing and comfort.


I'm so sorry for the loss of life do to negligent drivers. I have lived on the island four years now and have noticed that people come to our town and do things while driving that they wouldn't do in their own town. People just don't care, they don't have to live here so why should they care. Seawall is the most dangerous road in this town and there is absolutely no patrolling or enforcement of the laws. In fact I have actually almost t-boned a police car not once but a few times for doing the same thing that happened here. No warning no turn signal, just the slamming on the brakes and turn. Something needs to be done about the lawlessness on this road! How many people have to die before the city starts doing its job and making Seawall less dangerous.


My sympathy goes out to the family in this terrible accident.
Sometimes it takes terrible circumstances to open the eyes of people in city government before changes take place.
It's ironic on the way to Galveston Saturday I looked into my rear view mirror and there were 3 Chevrolet trucks or SUV'S going back in forth all over the interstate. When I noticed that in my mirror, my heart started pounded vigorously, hoping my wife and I wouldn't get hit. I tried to call 911, but failed in my attempt.
These guys thought it was cool I guess, but I thought they acted like young children.
I won't forget the lead SUV...... green on bottom, black on top part....

Jeff Smith

Hey Joker, the driver at fault was a local. Stupidity has no geographical boundaries. Prayers to the family.

Jarvis Buckley

Doubt LC funeral will cause a traffic jam. Shameful, embarrassing ,petty, disgusting.!!!!

Andy Aycoth

So do you think people post just to get arise ? Yes, lots of sick people out there.

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