LEAGUE CITY — A 2-year-old boy who earlier this week was found unconscious in a garage where he lived with his father died Friday.

Officer Reagan Pena, a League City Police Department spokeswoman, confirmed that Dominic Wells died early Friday morning.

The boy’s father, Derek Wells, 25, is in the Galveston County Jail facing child injury charges.

Pena confirmed that League City detectives are working with the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office to upgrade the charges in light of the child’s death, but that might not happen until the case is presented to a grand jury.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Wells is quoted as telling police that he would get frustrated with the toddler and had been “hitting him harder than he should.”

Wells called 911 shortly after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday to report his son was unresponsive and “not breathing properly,” according to the affidavit. 

First responders found Dominic Wells unconscious in a two-car garage attached to a house in the 2100 block of Redwood Drive and rushed the 2-year-old boy to Clear Lake Regional Hospital. 

The boy was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, placed on life support and examined by physicians, who on Wednesday told a League City detective it was a “definite case of child abuse,” according to the affidavit.

The child never showed signs of recovery during his stay at the Houston hospital.

Wells and his son lived in that garage as guests of the homeowners, who offered the man a place to stay as he tried to save money to find his own place. The homeowner told The Daily News that despite repeated offers, Wells refused to stay inside the house, saying he didn’t want to be a burden.

Doctors determined that “the child had a brain bleed, a possible skull fracture and bruises all over his body,” according to the affidavit. The boy also appeared to be underweight for his age.

Detectives interviewed Derek Wells at the police station, where the father said the toddler would fall and had hit his head on the living room floor, according to the affidavit.

Wells initially denied causing his son’s injuries, according to the affidavit.

After he was charged and arrested, Wells then told the officer he was responsible for the injuries to his son, according to the affidavit.

Mainland Editor T.J. Aulds may be reached at 409-683-5334 or tjaulds@galvnews.com.

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Billy Little

I agree with the previous comment posted from meyou8448. Maybe if we all told our families we will be there for them and truly be there things might of ended up different for this defenseless little boy. After reading what the person previously wrote I had to look her up. I found lots of interesting things about this mom. Like for starters she had five other children that none of which are in her custody. also that she moved to Oklahoma to be with a man. Which is great but if he loved her so much and cared about her kid why would he let her move there? Wouldn't you move with her in North Carolina? Lots of questions that are yet to be answered. As I looked around on the Net. I started to become more and more skeptical of her.

Sharon Crowley

BaconBoyBilly, So it is Dominics mother that caused the Father to inflict horrible bruises and fracture the babies skull and the caregiver to ignore all the degrees of bruising? This animal brutally MURDERED a little boy ...his son,and you blame the woman he stole the baby from?
Did Dominic deserve to be punished like that or live in a garage with some ignorant woman saying well I gave them an air conditioner! Wow so now the mother is the blame not the male that beat an innocent 2 year old baby? What kind of county is this to put the blame off on others not the ADMITTED CHILD ABUSER??
The mother is not the murderer, the MacDonalds man did this all on his own.


I was going to make a comment and tell a JBG story about a guy I met up yonder (Houston ) who had the same tendencies this guy have, but I won't. Chills runs up my arms and chest when I read these two posts concerning how this baby was treated!
He had NOBODY to stand up for him, when he needed someone the most! I wished I could have rolled up and saw signs of a beating this creep put on him before it was to late! That's all I know!

Billy Little

I never pointed any fingers at anyone I was merely asking where was this poor boys family according to the mom they haven't been stable since his birth is no one looking at that? Also I have to wonder about the mom her story keeps changing. If you look up the mom she also has five other children that she doesn't seem to have custody of. I have to wonder about her credibility. It also makes you wonder about what kind of support she has I feel for her this poor woman has SIX kids and has not a one of them. I feel for this poor boy who was born into such a family.

Sharon Crowley

2 points *I want to make ...PTSD if that is a defense, does not cut it here, The MacDonalds man was discharged because of anger management issues. THAT is #1 and #2 when Dominic was born and the first year of life his home situation (prior to North Carolina) was investigated by CYS of PA. This Man and the caregiver took the boy without the mothers consent from NC to Texas. So choices were made by MacDonalds man and the caregiver , the Mother was never given a choice. Place blame where it was due a Caregiver not reporting abuse but encouraging it by open her GARAGE and ignoring the bruising, and a Father who says oops I hit him too hard!!

Billy Little

Sharon C, I'm guessing you are the awesome mother who raised this great mom. McDonalds man as you call him fessed up to his wrong doing and isn't lying so far. This great mom that I'm guessing not even you could help out seems to be cause from one story to the next not a one of them are the same. I understand she is going through a bunch right now but I have no sympathy for her. Now that her son has passed she seems to be eating up the lime light but when and if her son was truly taken she was no where to be found looking for him?
Wells will get his punishment from a jury not some bias grandma that cant control her daughter and her stories. The truth will come out and you better hope your daughters nose is clean or she could look just as bad as him.
RIP Dominic I'm sorry the world has failed you since birth. You should of had better parents and maybe if they would of had as much support as they do bashing each other you would still be here today. Fly High with the angels. The Lord wont hurt you, your in safe hands now.

Katrina DeBoard

I don't know who you think you are to be slamming any one on here. How dare you call the mother a bad parent. You do not know me, don't assume you do. Making judgements purely by what you hear, and read from others not involved is morally wrong. I was not a bad parent. There is a law called Parental Kidnapping Prevention act, that my child's father violated. LOOK IT UP! I never walked away from my child. You should be ashamed of yourself for accusing a grieving parent of being a bad parent without knowing the whole story, or the parent!

you me

I hate to say it but I have to agree with BaconBoyBilly. I do feel though people should stop pointing fingers and calling names. The father confessed to this crime and a jury will seek his fate. As will the mom whom if she really did do all she could should now know how to prevent this from ever happening again.
Rest In Peace Dominic I to believe your safe now in the hands of the Lord.

Katrina DeBoard

You're right I do know how to prevent this from ever happening again. I will never trust a single person to have unsupervised visits. I have no children now, and I really appreciate people assuming that they know me because of what they read. I didn't walk away from my son. I allowed the woman that his father with to pick up my son for a visit that was only supposed to be for a week. By the end of the week, she had called and asked if Dominic could stay with them for another week as they had some family thing going on and The woman's family and his father wanted him to attend. I agreed. When I called her by the end of the second week to come pick up my son, she had told me to let her get rid of her nurses, and that she would call me back. She never did, so I called her. No answer. I called several times over a period of 3 days and she stopped contacting me. Stopped answering her phone. By the time I had gone to report my son missing, this woman, Dominic's father, and the woman's family had disappeared with Dominic. They had up and left. I had talked to this woman a number of times over the last year. Believing that she was the friend she claimed she was, she had told me that she did not know where my son was and that she had not heard anything from his father. The last she had heard from him was in July some time last year when he had called her and she yelled at him. Someone had then taken the phone from him and hung up on her. She hadn't heard from him since, in her words. She had told me that they were waiting for Dominic's father to contact them again so that she could try to convince him to bring my son to her, and then she would have called me to make arrangements for me to either go pick him up, her bring him here, or for us to meet in the middle somewhere. Then I get a note from OKCPD to contact a detective in League City, TX, that my son had been injured. That's when all of this broke lose. Then I find out that the woman had lied about me saying that I had left my son and his father. Dominic's father and I had not been in a relationship since October of 2012. When we split up, I had my son, and a protection from abuse order stating that I had custody. The law enforcement that is meant to protect and help, refused to accept that as grounds for them to help me find my son. I'm not a bad parent, nor did I ever just up and leave my son.

Katrina DeBoard

I still have bad night sleeping, and have nightmares about my son.

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