LEAGUE CITY — A League City gas station sold one lucky customer a lottery ticket worth $12 million. 

The Texas Lottery Commission confirmed on its website that someone picked all six numbers of Wednesday’s Lotto Texas drawing. 

The numbers were 15, 17, 43, 45, 47 and 50. There was only one person to pick all six numbers and the jackpot was at $12 million, according to the commission. The ticket was a quick pick with the cash value option. 

The winning Lotto Texas player bought his or her ticket at Shawn Mohammed’s South Shore Shell at 3390 FM 518 in League City.

Mohammed said he got a phone call from the lottery commission Thursday morning letting him know someone had bought a winning ticket at one of his locations. 

He said he didn’t yet know what time the ticket was bought, so he is left wondering during what shift the ticket was sold. 

This is the first time any of his seven stores has sold a winning lottery ticket, Mohammed said. 

Mohammed said that while he can’t go into specifics on the number of lottery tickets sold at his stores, he knows it can vary widely. 

Sometimes only a single ticket will be sold on a given day, but on others, such as in the build up to the recent Mega Millions drawing earlier this month, some customers bought $200 to $300 worth of tickets, he said. 

“It feels good,” Mohammed said of having sold the winning ticket. 

 The cash value of the $12 million jackpot is just more than $7.5 million, said Texas Lottery Commission spokeswoman Kelly Cripe.

The winner has 180 days to claim the prize, Cripe said. 

Contact reporter Christopher Smith Gonzalez at 409-683-5314 or chris.gonzalez@galvnews.com

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Sweet Sue LaRue

Is this the pretty, new Stripes at the corner of Wesley Drive and FM 518?

Kevin Lang

South Shore Shell is on 518 right on the edge of Meadow Bend and South Shore. Halfway between Meadow Parkway and South Shore Blvd.

Sweet Sue LaRue

Kev Darlin', you are such a sweet heart, but I was merely making fun of Heidi. She had an odd way of rejecting a tax and money making business from being built at the corner of Wesley Drive and FM 518. The gas station Stripes was NOT pretty enough for her. She wanted to "Pretty It Up", how odd. I hate to break this to her, but if you start at Juan Big Burrito and travel East on FM 518, there are scant few items along the roadside that could be considered as "pretty". On the other hand, it would have been nice to have added some tax money to the City coffers. Thanks Heidi!

Kevin Lang

Sweet Sue, sorry that I missed the joke. Re-reading it, I do get it now.

I totally agree with you about the the context of her remark (and, to be fair, others on council, such as "flat butt ugly") in regards to that part of town. Even if we accept their assessment of the Stripes design, it still would have been one of the prettiest buildings in the neighborhood....

If someone put together some of our council's greatest skits and subbed them in for Saturday Night Live some weekend, our council would probably get better laughs.

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