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Lars Faltskog

Sakes alive, this elderly couple no doubt has a volitile relationship. Since there's record of her threatening him before, then she must have some long-running, pent-up anger toward hubby. This isn't just a woman chasing after her old man with a rolling pin.

They might be in need of some couples therapy. It's never too late. Then again, maybe they have gone beyond a point of no return in this. One of them might be better off permanently moving out and living with some relatives he/she can get along with better.

Silvia Murphy

Very poorly written story. Grammar terrible. Thought the daily newspaper would have better writers on staff.

Gary Scoggin

I think when you hold your spouse at gunpoint and SWAT arrives, you're a little past couples therapy.

Cassandra Littleton

Wow, this is something, my neighborhood, or am i living down the street from a hoodneighbor. No place is safe. I'm glad it turned out safe..

james kramer

Good job chief Randall on waiting this one out and letting it defuse without going in guns drawn. With all the people getting killed by seat teams now days I am impressed to see a police department take a tactical pause and avoid needless blood shed. Looking good la marque PD.


I hope some how they can resolve this thing. I am surprise that no one sought help before when she was threatening before this happened. It's a tragedy!

Lars Faltskog

Response to gscoggin posted at 5:45 pm on Wed, Feb 5, 2014:

Interestingly enough, the local news last night said that the wife agreed to be psych evaluated. I would suggest the husband also do the same. For him to stay for years on end in a relationship with this violent woman necessitates that he also be examined for mental incapacity(ies). If they agree to continue to live with each other, it's in their best interest to both attend therapy together. Perhaps their AARP or other retirement insurance plan will cover some of the treatment(s).

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