LEAGUE CITY — The City Council overwhelming approved a resolution that would prohibit city departments from cooperating with federal directives or requests to process or house undocumented immigrants.

The 6-2 vote came after more than 90 minutes of impassioned pleas from those for and opposed.

The night saw a surge of opposition from residents, some who called the resolution an “embarrassment,” a “political game” and an “expression of fear.”

Others, though, supported Councilwoman Heidi Thiess’ efforts to bring the resolution forward.

Others voiced their support, calling those who voted in favor “brave” and encouraging them to stand up to federal government’s “lawlessness” while referring to the resolution as “common sense.”

Only council members Joanna Dawson and Dennis O’Keeffe voted against the resolution. Council members Todd Kinsey, Dan Becker, Geri Bentley, Andy Mann and Mayor Tim Paulissen joined Thiess in support of the resolution.

The resolution’s passage was met with applause.

Of the 26 people who voiced their opinion of the resolution, though, about two-thirds were opposed.

“I am a son of an immigrant,” said George Barba, 78, whose family immigrated to the United States from Mexico before he was born. “I feel offended (by the resolution).”

Ellen Lancaster said “those expressing support for the resolution are expressing fear,” comparing it to opposition to the influx of Cambodian and Vietnamese people who came to the United States after the fall of Saigon. Lancaster said her family was among those to house a Cambodian family for six months.

Joel McMann, pastor at League City United Methodist Church, said passage of the resolution was “shutting our doors to children.” Noting that council members had a tough job “protecting the 80,000 residents of League City.”

“Sometimes the easiest thing to do is say no,” McMann said. “Bottom line, what are we going to do with children?”

There was a strong contingent in favor of the resolution. While outnumbered at the public comment podium, proponents of the resolution — mostly from the various tea party groups in the county — waved small American flags above their heads when fellow supporters spoke.

“The law is being broken — period,” Carol Alexander said in support of Thiess. “It takes a lot of guts and bravery to put this forward.”

She claimed an influx of undocumented immigrants would “cause chaos in our school system.”

“Don’t bring Third World problems into our community,” Tricia Vickers said.

Terri Hubbard called the resolution “common sense” and said she was “very proud of my council.”

Penny Ignacio dismissed those who claimed the resolution lacked compassion for those suffering.

“What I am concerned about are the health of your children and your grandchildren,” she said, directing her comments to the crowd.

“What about all our seniors? What about all our veterans? What about all our homeless? We are not taking care of them, and the money we are spending on all of these illegals is taking away from this.”

The city’s ever-growing Muslim community joined the chorus of those opposed.

Many were specifically offended by original language in the resolution, specifically noting an effort to prevent attacks from terror groups and singled out “radical Islamic terror groups.”

“We are a Muslim family, we take pride in our faith,” Dr. Suhail Alsahli said. “We feel disgraced (by the language). There’s many, many other terrorist groups. Terrorists have no religion.”

Even after Thiess said she changed the language to Islamists terrorist groups, those who spoke with The Daily News after the meeting said the language still sought to single out a group of people based on faith.

What, if any, affect the resolution would have on life in League City was unclear. Paulissen confirmed that it was more of a message to the federal and state governments to take action on the country’s growing immigration problem.

City Manager Mark Rohr said he had not received any requests from federal agencies to house undocumented immigrants in the city.

Thiess maintained the resolution was aimed at getting before any requests. She reiterated that her support was in part to give encouragement to other municipalities to follow League City’s lead and stand up to federal authorities.

Mainland Editor T.J. Aulds may be reached at 409-683-5334 or tjaulds@galvnews.com.

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Andy Aycoth

Glad to see government take a stand for it's people.

Gary Scoggin

Did they open the meeting with a Christian prayer? How ironic.

Dwight Burns

gscoggin...That's a big Amen.

Mike Meador

gscoggin....open you house. Feed as many as you can cram-in. Bed them down. Let the 12, 13,14,15,16,17old kids run the neighborhood. These "kids" are not just infant to toddlers. The majority are able fend for themselves in the country they come from. Go get the doctor to check them, vaccinate them - pay for them. Make sure to go get food stamps as you'll need them. Since school is coming up in JUST six weeks, better make sure to find a place to educate them, because the two-year deportment won't even close to getting them seen in court.

Before this process starts, you will need a prayer....Christian or otherwise.

PD Hyatt

Glad that one city in Galveston County has taken a stand for not only prayers, but to stand for LAWS....

George Croix

Does being a Christian require someone to ignore reality and be foolish about their capabilites to care for everyone?
No, it does not. Anymore than a doctor vowing to do no harm in his medical practice must then allow himself to be harmed without resisting.
Nobody today can take a loaf of bread and a fish and feed thousands....

Gary Scoggin

Laws? These kids are already in lockup pending a deportation hearing. Not running free. Because that's the LAW. But not cooperating with state and Federal law enforcement is considered noble? This Tea Party logic just confuses me.

Carlos Ponce

If THE LAW had been enforced by this administration in the first place we would not have this mess. Proglibs point to a law passed during the Bush administration. If that were the catalyst then this mass movement of children would have happened back THEN. But why now? Ask any Border Patrol Agent. They would point the finger at the current president and his lax enforcement of border security and his policies. TEA Party Policy: Enforce the Law as written. What is so difficult about that? The law calls for repatriation. No ifs, ands or buts. Just do it!

Gary Scoggin

Not everyone, George. But when you've got 50,000 kids at the border in what amounts to refugee camps, I don't think it's proper to proactively refuse to help just to make appoint to State and Federal authorities. At least that's not how I read Matthew 25.

George Croix

Gary, where's the help in extending false hope, and/or making life worse for people who HAVE obeyed the laws?
We'll just have to disagree on this one.
It won't be the first time, now, will it... [beam]


I'm right there with you Mr. Hyatt! Either we have laws here or we don't. Maybe we need to gather up all the laws we have which are meant to be broken, and group them together! Some countries if you cross their borders unauthorized you will get stiff prison sentences. I'm not advocating that here, but WE must at all cost get a working Immigration Policy, fair to all and work within it. In order for that to happen The leaders in DC need to do their jobs.
I think it was BIGJIM who said on another thread, and I agree with him 121%,....the citizens here need to DEMAND, that Congress and the present Administration get off there behinds and do their jobs! This thing has floated along long enough! I'm concerned about illegal crossings but I'm more concerned that soon, Al Qaeda and Taliban TERRORORISTS will seize the opportunities wide open to them in order to strike targets on a large scale in this country!
All they have to do is follow the illegals in here!!! I have not heard anyone on this forum who is against immigration! I have heard protests about a WIDE OPEN SOUTHERN BORDER, waiting to facilitate a potential catastrophic attack coming from our enemies to be unleashed on this country! Don't take my word for it, just keep saying good morning and the Taliban, and Al Qaeda will demonstrate it better than I can say it!

PD Hyatt

Rep. Weber is wishy washy about this subject and Cornyn is for amnesty and against amnesty depending upon the day. I have written both Senators and my Rep. and other than Cruz, what the other 2 have to say are not really worth listening to.... Cornyn needs to go and I am not for sure that Weber doesn't need to follow him out the door. We need elected officials who will listen to the voters and not the big money donors....

Centerpointe Moderator

"It's the LAW... It's the LAW..." is what so many of you are defaulting to.

It's also very much the law that construction companies are NOT supposed to use illegal labor to build swaths of new tract houses, shopping centers, UTMB treatment units, and massive new luxury apartment complexes within League City, but we are still waiting for Council to pass a resolution against that illegal hiring practice, aren't we? Are they going to follow through in a consistent manner, or will they decline to pass a complementary resolution because (like everyone else) they would prefer to have their illegal cake and eat it, too?

Illegal immigration is demand-driven. The benefits don't come without the corresponding problems. The problems can't be removed without first eliminating the demand.

Don Skelton

What Would Jesus Do?

Dwight Burns

In 2008, then President George W. Bush, signed into law, with by partisan support, the law which is now causing all this fuss.

As I listen to talking points, even from Theiss, one would think that President Barack Obama is to blame for this crisis.

Rewriting history for ones on sake doesn't make it so.

Evelyn Clark

Thank you dumb47 for telling them that George W. Bush signed that law. Again thanks

J. Shaffer

The law says that if these children make it to the border, they can stay for an amnesty hearing with adult caregivers. They are processed first, checking for disease and criminal history and then fingerprinted before being released.

The current president has put more agents on the border than any other president before him and is asking for more help to secure the border.

An awful lot of people pointing fingers of blame and offering no real solutions.

How Do you deport a child to Guatemala? Greyhound?

Carlos Ponce

The Law that you pin on President Bush was designed to stop Child sex trafficking. These children are here because the word spread though Central America that Obama was opening the door to immigration through his "Dream Act". A misinterpretation of what Obama actually meant but there it is. Solution: Take the children to the appropriate embassy and say "Did you lose something?" Who are we to take that country's future?

Dwight Burns

In response to carlosponce...and you know darn well that you just posted a lie.

Carlos Ponce

Drumb47, "The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act, named after a 19th century abolitionist, was a bipartisan measure touted by evangelical groups and signed by President Bush on Dec. 23, 2008, that was meant to prevent sex trafficking, The New York Times reported.
The bill gave undocumented children entering the United States — except for kids from Mexico or Canada — a litany of new rights and protections, mainly prohibiting U.S. authorities from sending them back to their own country immediately."
Now, where's the lie?

Carlos Ponce

"'This flood is going to mean children dying trying to get in… with the anticipation that somehow they’re going to be granted citizenship.'
- California Rep. Darrell Issa. Issa and other critics blame the Obama administration’s DREAM act, which has young people from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and other countries believing they can cross the border freely."
Again, where's the lie, drumb47?

Carlos Ponce

And drumb47, I defended President Obama when I said this was "A misinterpretation of what Obama actually meant but there it is."
Was my defense of the President a lie? That was just an opinion. Now I don't usually defend this president, so sue me.[wink]

Marc Edelman

I believe this Presidential administration and the so many past administrations have failed to adequately secure our porous borders. However, no matter my wish to secure the border, This kind of political grandstanding is a waste of the staff's time and our tax dollars. The citizens should deplore this meaningless blather from our elected officials. It is faux patriotism and frankly embarrassing.

Victor Krc

Apparently President Obama has seen the Gallup poll I referred to in another thread and since it is getting close to mid-term elections has decided to ask Congress for emergency funds to deal with this crisis.

He has asked Congress for $3,7 billion to build new detention facilities. overtime pay for Border Patrol agents, more immigration judges to process cases and aid to help Central American countries to repatriate the people sent home.

Like it or not, in my opinion we have a moral obligation to solve this crisis that has been forced upon us.

What was even more surprising to me is that he asked Congress for the authority (imagine that) to waive the Wilberforce provision for long term asylum pending a hearing so that the Central American children could be deported more quickly.

It will be interesting to follow how all this plays out, but this is still a band aid for a much larger problem that we have.

Looks like the American people still have some voice, at least when it is close to election time.


Yes vic krc I agree the American people have voices and they need to start using those voices to reign in rogue leaders who get to DC and slowly ease into the mode of doing WHAT THEY want to do instead of acting in the best interests of the people and constituents who sent them there to do their business. It is now, and has been in the past, the People versus Deep Pocket special interest groups ( LOBBYISTS ), vying for their services.
I also agree with what Cpointe_Mod posted below, we will at some point be compelled to address the issues concerning the demand for the services of NOT IMMIGRANTS, but of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS if this problem is going to be solved successfully.
It has been the "proverbial can" ...kicked down the road, by Washington politicians panting after votes to keep their parties in office instead of doing what's right for the country.


By the defining terms in this decision, it sounds like the city of League City is going to have to shutdown Devereux. Are the city officials even aware of the people being housed in there?

Carlos Ponce

Why bring up Devereaux? The two aren't remotely related. The people treated there are Americans, not illegal immigrants.
Residential Services serve adolescents and young adults ages 13-22. These programs provide secured long-term services to clients with a wide spectrum of emotional, behavioral, developmental, psychiatric and chemical dependency disorders. Residential treatment services include individual, group and family therapies, along with pre-vocational programs and an accredited educational program.

Lars Faltskog

What a continued embarrassment by this boring bedroom community. This gives our county a bad name indeed. Elitism and racism to the fullest. But, perfectly in tow with LC's previous red necky antics of "gun totin'' open carry "rights". LC needs to change their welcome visitor center theme to "Welcome to LC - If you're a Pack "em if you got 'em, White, Republican, Tea Partier."

Lars Faltskog

Oh, yeah...forgot about all the Christian foolishness. "LC - Land of Christian Gun Toters who hate immigrants".

Andy Aycoth

sverige1, what town you be staying in ?

Miceal O'Laochdha

I am sufficiently hardened by my life experiences that I am seldom truly ashamed to be associated with my fellow human beings. But, people who are without mercy for children; anyone's children, just make me ashamed.

One can cite a hundred platitudes based on the law, or the cost, or the inconvenience or, most disgusting of all, one's political beliefs. It matters not, and no argument is won by it. The simple fact is there are large numbers of comfortable humans in our county (and elsewhere) who are capable of loudly rushing forward to turn their back on suffering children and then heartlessly justify it to themselves and others for something other than what it is. A deep flaw in their moral fabric.


carlosrponce, you obviously copy/pasted from the website since you didn't seem to know what Devereux was. Awesome plagerizing. That also means you and maybe everyone else in League City are incredibly ignorant as to who and what's going on in there. Other than that, I agree with all your other remarks. Devereux fits this description:

Carlos Ponce

As a public school teacher I have heard of Devereaux. I copied from their web site so as not to get anything wrong on the work they do. I have read your link and again find Devereaux does not fit the League City Ban.

Don Skelton

Whatsoever you do to the least of My brothers, that you do unto Me.

Carlos Ponce

"So unless You've lived a life of Total perfection
You'd better be careful Of every stone
That you should throw, yeah
Walk a mile in my shoes, Walk a mile in my shoes
Hey, before you abuse, criticize and accuse, Walk a mile in my shoes"

Julie Wray

What I don't understand is that these people, whether they are adults or children, are entering our country illegally. If they are entering illegally then they should be deported. I'm a League City resident and I'm glad the council voted against housing of these people. Otherwise, I can see my taxes being increased and the quality of life in the city going downhill. I don't pay high taxes for nothing. If the current residents have a problem with it then move to Harris County. I hear HISD is willing to open their doors. And the decision made is not an embarrassment. The council is standing by what they believe will protect the city. What I'd like to know is how many of you have wished those who were relocated by Katrina (aka Katrina Refugees) would go back to Louisiana? Same difference. IMO, send them all back. If they want to come into the country then have your darn papers!


You are absolutely right DJSkelton! I'm glad to hear the Word anytime. It is music to my ears, and I'm happy when anybody think enough of it to post it here for all to see! We need that! Years ago I got severely persecuted for standing up for Christ and the Word of God on this forum, but I did not let that deter me. On the contrary, I represented and posted that way even more so. So, I say thank you for also doing so. Now having given you your props, let me ask a few questions:
Who did Jesus tell to take dominion and authority over the earth? Government, or the Church? Who did he tell to feed my sheep and my lambs? the Government or the Church? Who did he tell this, "The poor you will have with you always, but me you will not have with you always? The Government or the Church?
Who does he expects to feed the hungry, help the poor, and the widows, and Orphans? The World, Government, or the Church? Who does he expect to evangelize the masses for salvation? The Government or the Church?
This why I said, as a Christian, I am OBLIGATED to help anyone I can, I will donate to the Salvation Army, and the United Way, I have missionaries on TWO Continents now. I do all of those things now, but if Obama and his "SUGGA Wagon" comes rolling up here demanding TAXES to be spent on situations he has either purposely or irresponsibly MISHANDLED, .. I'm not alright with that! Amen?
People can think what they want to,.... I don't care!!!!


I forgot to mention, I could bring up some issues here right now, concerning what GOD says is an abomination or an offense to him and some of the same people who are QUOTING scriptures trying to embarrass Christians or some of these municipalities for standing against Obama and his "SUGGA WAGON" doctrine, will get quiet as church mice. They will cry CHURCH and STATE......I said CHURCH AND STATE JBGGGGGG!!!!!! [smile]

Carlos Ponce

Despite being on the "No Call" List I am frequently solicited by phone by the Children's Make a Wish Foundation, Special Olympics, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, etc. As a retired school teacher I have to tell them I cannot give anything, the extra money is not there. After church tithes, rising costs and bills I have to tell them no. Does that make me anti-children, anti-children with cancer or special needs, a racist or a bigot? Does that mean I am pro drunk driving or would like to see people suffer and die from disease? No. I know where my church tithes go. When there is a little extra I am careful and give to the local children standing in front of stores or are having a car wash. Phone solicitors, on the other hand you don't know how the money is actually spent even if you take the time to look up the firm.
Likewise, I read insults hurled at some forum correspondents. They must be bigots, racists, hate children etc. The United States is in heavy debt. The money nor the resources are there to help these children. The law must be followed. Don't lay a guilt trip on those who want the law followed. We do care. We just can't take in the entire world or 50,000 more. It would not be legal and would drive us further into debt.

Lars Faltskog

Well, jbgood:

I know you like to hear THE WORD.. So...There are numerous Biblical tenets that delineate that government plays a moral role in helping the needy. This Psalm says political leaders have a responsibility:


"Give the king your justice, O God, and your righteousness to a king's son. May he judge your people with righteousness, and your poor with justice. May the mountains yield prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness. May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the needy, and crush the oppressor."

So you see...the government (and the folks there to represent us) are wrought with members who are church members and vow to be PUBLIC SERVANTS. So many of them - including our governor - are Christian men and women who are supposed to uphold their promise to help the people they serve.

J. Shaffer

So, we should have Christian morals when we decide to put a Nativity scene in public schools in Texas. Done

We should have Christian morals when we close Planned Parenthood clinics around the state. All for it.

We should have Christian morals when a corporation wants to deny benefits to workers. Great. A corporation is a religious person, too.

You want us to have Christian morals when there are children in need?

No Way!

These people would steal the manger from Jesus.

Lars Faltskog

Response to NurseJayne posted at 3:09 pm on Wed, Jul 9, 2014:

Not to mention the uproar from the pro-lifers who would go to pieces if an "all-American" child were to possibly be aborted. It's fine to save all of "our people", esp. if they're the right color and speak English. But, if a thousand or so of those brown kids come trapsing through our municipalities....well, I suppose serving, saving, and not turning away others in the Christian sense only applies to us "regular" people. LMAO

Stevie Maradeo

Good! Now Obama needs to take action. Immigration is more than coming to America. It needs to be done in the legal manner. Undocumented people don't pay taxes that support our hospitals, schools, and those in need.

Let's put the undocumented patients at hospitals last and the vets that have been shafted by the VA first.

Don Skelton

Feel free to justify your position in any manner that makes you feel comfortable. No guilt trip intended. Lay the blame on whoever or whatever helps you sleep better: Obama, the deficit, immigration laws or the lack thereof, fear of scabies...

Sleep well in your comfortable beds with a full belly tonight, knowing how easy is it to wash your hands of the plight of these children. I'm not the one you have to explain your reasoning to.

It's a sad day when there are so many convenient reasons to avoid doing the right thing.

Evelyn Clark

I agree, thank you.


Some of Yall who think you know the Word of God need to quit making a spectacle of yourselves by FAKING, knowledge of it, .... then go to school and get some sort of accreditation in if before you start trying to lecture somebody else who have already done so. In other words get some formal instruction, knowledge, wisdom, and in all your getting,.....GET SOME UNDERSTANDING AND QUIT EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES TRYING TO DEBATE ME ON IT!
It really is very laughable to hear some of you who have admitted you are not Christian, and some have admitted there is no GOD, then to come on this forum trying to teach or lecture me on God's Word! LOLOLOLOLOL!
I don't even acknowledge you!!! Now when a Carlos Ponce talk, yes then I will listen, and a few others. Other than that, I'm sitting behind these keys laughing at your pitiful, hilarious attempts to operate in scriptures! So find another area that you might have expertise in to shut me down, because your using the gospel is not cutting it! Now,...I'm moving on, I've had my say! [smile]

J. Shaffer

Penny Ignacio dismissed those who claimed the resolution lacked compassion for those suffering.
“What about all our seniors? What about all our veterans? What about all our homeless? We are not taking care of them, and the money we are spending on all of these illegals is taking away from this.”

This might be more realistic if you were spending money to house the children coming from the border instead of shutting them out. Or if you petitioned the council to spend money on the issues you feel need attention.

I didn't see any resolutions to help seniors, veterans or the homeless on the agenda......

Carlos Ponce

Check the Congressional Record, Nurse Jayne.

Kevin Lang

The Congressional Record logs League City Council business, too?

NurseJayne was clearly writing about the money League City is/is not spending in support of homeless, seniors, and veterans.

At the national level, so far, no one has discussed where the billions will come from. As far as I know, no one is suggesting taking money out of senior, homeless, or veterans programs to pay for it. I'm assuming we'll just put this on the maxed-out credit cards.

Mick Phalen

Politicians using the power of their elective office to make political statements - working on their legacies.

Centerpointe Moderator

I agree. And as they are doing this, the REAL business of the municipality is pushed farther down the priority list. I'd ask everyone to remember this the next time they go to vote.

J. Shaffer

Well, JBG, you want to ignore the scripture I've offered, so tell me. What does the scripture say about helping the poor and needy? You know the Bible so well, you tell ME: WWJD?

Stevie Maradeo

Jesus would be at that council meeting and start flipping over tables and making a ruckus

Mick Phalen

Wonder how this will play in November's Council election. Occupiers of three seats up for vote (Becker, Mann, Paulissen) voted in favor; Occupiers of 2 seats (O'Keeffe, Dawson) voted against.

Kevin Lang

In other words, it appears that Becker, Mann, and Paulissen want to leave no stone unturned in their re-election quests, which probably weren't endangered anyway, while O'Keeffe and Dawson, if they're running for re-election, are planning on difficult campaigns--which they were probably already looking at.

My guess is that all 5 fully realize that this vote was far more about symbolism than a legitimate belief they were going to save us from an influx of crime, poverty, and the Spanish language.

Justin Bedard

These people coming here are cowards. They talk about jobs, gangs and extortion being the reason they flee their country for ours. We had the same problem only our gangs where the British and Indians. Our forefathers took a stand, sacrificed, and made our country what it is today. These cowards should do the same for there country and family.

Lars Faltskog

Well said, JBZ. Little do folks think about the pillaging and raping that the Europeans did to the Native Americans. And, now we have a whole group of "implants" here who think that the drawn up border at the Rio Grande is some kind of "God-given" and magical entity.

Lars Faltskog

Then again...I have a question for JBZ. Would we have called our European forefathers "cowards" for fleeing THEIR homeland? In my mind, what today's Central American "illegals" are doing isn't much different than what the former Europeans back then did.

Justin Bedard

I would say that America was seen as unoccupied and even more of a challenge then dealing with oppression. About the furthest from a free ride there could be.

Lars Faltskog

League City - Land of the Gun Totin', white supremist, suburban God-given right to turn away folks who don't look or think like they do! Hey JBG and other Christians, think on this for awhile and you'll realize how detrimental a municipality like LC is being by shirking their responsibility to serve mankind:

ROMANS 13:1-7 -

"Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God's wrath but also for the sake of conscience."

- - -- - HILLARY 2016 - - - - - - - - - -

Victor Krc

I would be very careful about throwing Scriptural references around. Even Satan can quote scripture for his OWN PURPOSES. In fact, didn't he do that very thing when tempting Jesus by offering Him kingdoms if He would bow down and worship him (Satan)?

I wonder how Romans 13: 1-7 would look to a Jew or Slav, or a person with mental or physical disabilities that lived in the Third Reich? Was Adolph Hitler a "terror to good conduct"? Did he get his authority from God? If you read it literally, that seems to be the case. It all depends on how you interpret it.

Gee, and I thought that only us folks on the right were "Haters".

Nothing like some good, old fashioned name calling salted with Scripture to make one feel smug and self-righteous.

Lars Faltskog

Response to vic krc posted at 12:21 pm on Thu, Jul 10, 2014:

Well, don't you think that any recipient of a quoted Scripture bears the responsibility to use it in an appropriate fashion? I doubt if anyone here espouses to champion or align self to the likes of Adolph Hitler or Satan. If you interpreted the Romans scripture in that way, then you earn a "zero" in the TAKS test skills of "inference" and "comprehension". Back to school, Vic. LOL [beam]

Victor Krc

My only point is that Hitler could have pulled Romans 13: 1-7 out of context and used it to justify his policies and Satan did the same thing when tempting Jesus.
"Let every person be subject to governing authorities" doesn't allow much wiggle room if you read it literally, does it?

"Inference" and "Comprehension" are just synonyms for interpretation. So is "use it in an appropriate fashion". What is appropriate is based on the whole message of Scripture, not just cherry - picking chapter and verse.

You know very well my whole point was not to align myself with Satan or Hitler but to show the dangers of misusing Scripture for your own purposes.

Condescension and personal contempt are not consistent with the message of Jesus, TAKS or no TAKS.

Lars Faltskog

Well, vic krc -

That's the freedom of being able to express opinions and possibly compare them to works of art (Bible, parables, books, quotes). You are free to find or not find the comparisons, champion, discard them, or anything in between.

You, me, JBG, NurseJayne - in this country...all 4 of us are equally in the right to use Scripture. None of us "owns" it more or less than the other. Interesting that JBG feels that some folks don't have the "right" to use Scripture because he feels we are "not as educated" in it as the other person. Hogwash. And, here's another quote to peruse and reflect in regard to folks who think they are better to quote scriptures than others. GOD BLESS!!! :

ISAIAH 5:13-15 -

"Therefore my people go into exile for want of knowledge; their honored men are dying of hunger, and their multitude is parched with thirst. Therefore Sheol has enlarged its appetite and opened its mouth beyond measure, and the nobility of Jerusalem and her multitude go down, her throng and he who exults in her. Man is bowed down, and men are brought low, and the eyes of the haughty are humbled."

Victor Krc

My only point is that Scripture is to be lived, not "used".

I do not hold that you or anyone else does not have the right to "use"Scripture, only beware because Satan uses the same tactic. Satan uses Scripture for his own ends, but he certainly does not live it.

You cannot spread the gospel to non-believers if you get into a Scripture - slinging contest and then ridicule and belittle people. They will see that for what it is, and it trivializes Scripture.

Whatever TAKS is, it is not a substitute for the Holy Spirit. The eyes of the haughty will indeed be humbled.

George Croix

Compassion...? No, that's not it...
The Bible...? No, that's not it...
Hate...? No, that's not it...
Love....? No, that's not it...
Us...? No, that's not it...
Them...? No, that's not it...
Liberal, conservative, middle...? No, none of them...
Man, woman, child...? No, not them either...
There it is...!
That's what it's about.


No sverige! Here is what I find HOGWASH, it is the likes of someone like you, WHO has admitted that you are not a Christian, and admitted that you believe, "THERE IS NO LIVING GOD" ....then why would want to quote or debate scripture in the first place?
You don't know what you are talking about other than going and finding something on goggle, and cut and pasting it! You are like your surrogate FATHER, who attacked Jesus in the wilderness with scripture!
The worst part of HELL will be the abundance of FOOLS present there. It is bad enough being hemmed in with one fool, but to be hemmed in a hot, uncomfortable place with millions of them? Not me,...it is bad enough dealing with them on this earth. Keep digging........and lying to yourself..........
You want to quote scripture so much then go get the one which says: It is the FOOL who says in his heart THERE IS NO GOD!" ( Talking about you) Go play with somebody, you can handle sonny, because it definitely is not Mr. JBG! ( you mind me? ) That is East Texas for do you understand me? [smile][beam]

Lars Faltskog

Oh, JBG -
You're fighting your inner backwoods self. You do realize, however, that the world has passed you by, and that makes you even more unsettled. That's because you know it's a big world out there of non-Christians who happen to be wonderful people.

You don't know how "Christian" I am or am not. You simply don't like folks to challenge the "establishment", which is all your world is. It's a narrow-minded "Christian only" world of yours, unless it involves non-English speaking immigrants who have nothing to do with your little world culture of fire-and-brimstone, screaming TV preaching. I'll continue to quote scripture, because that's what you need now in this immigration/refugee crisis. I would have expected more from you, knowing that you spent much of your life being more oppressed than being the oppressor. I still believe that God has hopeful things still in store for you. Another Bible verse, hoping that you will stop judging me:

LUKE 6:37

“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven."

Carlos Ponce

sverige, your thousands of posts to the GDN forums speak for themselves, and they speak volumes. Interesting that you find Jbgood's world "a narrow-minded 'Christian only' world", for Mathew 7:13,14 states," “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few." As for me, I will walk "the straight and narrow". Peace be with you.


You are right about that, "How Christian you are quote!" All I know is what comes out of your MOUTH! I just took for granite you were telling the truth? You mean you have been converted to Christianity? If you are, then I'm happy for you! I'll even apologize with it! Do you still say Jesus is a mummy and a imaginary GOD, or is He LORD? Let me know. I will apologize on the spot!

Lars Faltskog

Yes, JBG -
I've been a Christian all my life. Born, baptized, confirmed et cetera. How I "believe" now is between me and my God - not you. That's the point. You come on and tell folks that they can't quote scripture. That's simply wrong. Think about it, if an agnostic or atheist quoted scripture, wouldn't you embrace the fact that he/she is thinking about The Word of God? I wouldn't condemn it, especially if that individual uses scripture to love fellow human beings. And that includes helping thousands of children immigrant refugees who are scared, hungry, and traumatized!

J. Shaffer

JBG, I still haven't heard you, the Good Christian, say What Jesus Would Do with all these immigrant children.

George Croix

Jesus fed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and two fish.
So He'd need over 50 loaves and 20 fish just to make a dent in the 'situation' right now. No doubt Jesus could handle that were he among us today...
Absent Jesus, and considering the realities of our own low stocks of economic fish and loaves equivalents, the illegal aliens surging across our border are being cared for as well as possible, given the shortage of resources, and the unwillingness of our leadership to even bother to look the 'situation' over first hand, thereby lending the impetus of Office to any sense of urgency.
As far as I know, the people Jesus fed were not illegally there, and were unlikley to become lifelong dependents on Him or the other citizens of the time. However, I'm no Bible scholar, far from it, so will stand corrected by anyone able to quote the scripture that proves me wrong...[wink]
I have used the excuse before that the Diet Coke I drink cancels the calories in the candy bar...with attendant consequences.
Does it work the same way when 'compassion' is shown to illegal aliens? Does that cancel out the lack of it shown to our own citizens? With attendant consequences?
Rightousness is best when it's a quality apparent to all who witness it, not as self-made... [wink]

Victor Krc

Well said, gecroix.

The question is not what would Jesus do, The question is what would Jesus want us to do.

As I asked in other threads, where do you draw the line? Is there a line to be drawn?

These innocents are here because of voluntary decisions made by their parents to pay dearly and to expose them to danger to be rid of them? Perhaps they are better off without their parents, you think? If no, then do you propose to also allow their families to come here also?

If we go the open border way that I think some of our posters advocate, then how are we going to pay for the consequences?

Hard questions, no answers.

We live in a real world of dollars and resources that have to be allocated and, short of divine intervention, I see no way we can sustain an open border policy.

Again, I believe that we should treat the children humanely will they are here, but send them back to country and family.

Kevin Lang

What is it about showing up at a border crossing and asking to come in that's illegal? This is not the illegal mode of entry that many other immigrants have willfully taken.

Carlos Ponce

Have you ever crossed the border, kevjlang? There are legal points of entry the children did not use. At the Texas border you cross a bridge, present your documents (visa, passport, ID, proof of citizenship) then enter. They didn't do that. Its like locking all doors to your house only to discover someone in your house without your permission who crawled in through a window. Shame on you for not securing the window. Shame on them for entering without permission.

Kevin Lang

Many are bypassing the crossings, and many are reporting to the crossings. There is a distinction, isn't there?

Regardless of which approach they take, we still have to figure out what to do about it, don't we? In order to do that, don't we need to actually talk about it, rather than gripe about it?

Carlos Ponce

Who said they are reporting at the crossings? If they were, they would simply be told to turn around and go back. They are reporting to the Border Patrol Agents inside the border. If you heard Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza on Hannity he said the agents have apprehended OTMs (Other than Mexicans) from the Middle East -Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc on the TEXAS border. And those are only the ones they've captured. Think of those who have slipped in. These terrorists are waiting for an opportune time to cross and with the Border Patrol tied up with 50,000 unaccompanied children this is the opportune time.

Kevin Lang

Regardless of how they approach the borders, they're Unaccompanied Minors, and are determined to be covered by the 2008 Feinstein Bill. Per the current interpretations of that bill, it doesn't matter how they get into Border Patrol jurisdiction, but just that they're unaccompanied minors from a country without a common border with the US. Probably the same thing as if a bunch of Kazakhstan children showed up in Alaska.

Chris Gimenez

It's kind of ugly for the Left when their visions of painting the illegal alien protestors as nothing but rich, uncaring, white people who simply don't want anyone who doesn't look like them coming into this country illegally. The facts are stubborn as usual.




But it's also important to understand just how serious our boy president takes this selfie-made crisis. It's good to know he's got a firm grasp on the problem. But then again, he's got a few million dollar fund-raisers to get to asap.


Kevin Lang

I despise the rhetoric from both sides. We don't need to hear about how heartless and racist the people opposed to letting these people in are, nor do we need to hear how anti-American and stupid, and fiscally reckless the people are that think we should at least consider them for refugee status. I think we need to quit trying to present each other has being shallow thinkers. We need to be willing to hear both sides of the issue, and demonstrate that our perspectives have more depth than just two sides of a coin.

J. Shaffer

I'm not looking for magic or miracles or loaves and fishes. To sanctimonious Christians, it's okay to insert religion into every other aspect of our lives but look the other way when faith is actually tested. Instead of asking what He would do, perhaps I should ask what He would want YOU to do.

He didn't direct you to help the sick and the poor.
(oh, wait. Yes he did)

He told you it was okay to ignore the problem if they were from another country.
(oh, wait. No he didn't)

"given the shortage of resources, and the unwillingness of our leadership to even bother to look the 'situation' over first hand,"

The president doesn't need people taking pictures of him at the border; there are enough people blaming him without the photo-op to go with it. Rick Perry was there; is he so inept at the English language that he can't tell the president what he saw?

If Congress would approve the money and places like League City weren't being so xenophobic, we would HAVE those resources.

bvresident, those people are preaching what you believe. Aren't you proud of them?

Chris Gimenez

Here's the answer to your sanctimonious question about whether Perry told the boy president what he saw.


Evelyn Clark

Bvresident , Opps, Opps, thats all boy Perry could remember yesterday. Qpps did he lose his glasses. Remember we as Texans pay for boy Perry to run around the country and try to look like he is campaigning for the President AGAIN. Opps sorry about that.


Kevin Lang

Why are we calling these Central American people "illegals" when they didn't sneak across the border, but presented themselves for legal processing? They aren't doing anything here yet that is illegal. I'm not sure yet that these people are being treated any differently than how the Haitian and Cuban refugees were processed years ago.

Our history is to listen to the stories, hear their plight, and then determine whether the cases qualify for asylum treatment. If we determine that they're purely economic refugees, the precedent is to send them back home. If it's determined that there are bigger reasons involved, then asylum could be granted.

These people should be treated as we would hope to be treated at another country's border. Additionally, our government needs to look into the situations that are leading to these defections. The ideal would be social, political, and economic stability in these countries so that people wanting to migrate here would only do it following normal and standard processes. These mass migrations are not only indicative of problems with our immigration system, but also due to problems in the native countries. I'd bet that most of the people wanting to just send them back have not tried to live in Guatemala, Honduras, etc., and if they had to live there would be begging to get into the US pretty quickly, too.

Chris Gimenez

What in God's name are you talking about Lang? Of course they crossed the border into our country illegally-the Border Patrol didn't go over there and get them! This is the kind of discourse we get when the Left has been crammed into a corner by their slavish devotion to the boy president and his feckless policies.

" Additionally, our government needs to look into the situations that are leading to these defections. "

And just exactly do you mean by that? What should be done? Should we go into those countries or give their despot leaders even more of our money?

The fact is that we can't fix those other countries and you and your buddies here have blamed Bush incessantly for trying to make Iraq a better place to live. I suppose it's only righteous when it's the boy president doing it.

Kevin Lang

Yep, bvresident, there's absolutely no need for our government to have a clue about what's going on around us. Absolutely no need for anyone to understand anything outside their front door. It's so much better to just have large groups of people showing up unannounced with us having no idea why they're here or how we're going to handle them.

I'm actually glad that I'm not as smart as you. I prefer trying to think through these situations, and see if I can understand the different sides of the problem. On the other hand, you seem to have all the answers, but without any knowledge of why or how to explain them. That's fine. It takes all kinds.

You aren't blathering conservatism. You're just blathering for the sake of blathering.

Since you seem to be having trouble with comprehension, understanding the situations in those countries in NOT EQUIVALENT to going in and fixing the problems. Jimmy Johnson never watched Eagles game films so that he could fix the Eagles' attack. He watched their films so that he could fashion how his team would respond to it.

Evidently you don't understand that the counter at the border facilities is akin to our front walks. You haven't broken any laws merely by knocking on the door. I'm not trespassing merely by knocking on your door.

Regardless of whether we find them on our doorstep asking for entry, or we find them having illegally bypassed our border controls, our nation's values require us to behave humanely, which, to me, means that we listen to their stories and make sure they have safe means to return home in the event that their stories don't qualify them for asylum.

Chris Gimenez

Well Lang, this administration doesn't have a clue about what's going on around it. You president continues to tell the nation that he finds out about all the problems the same way we do-from the media.

As for me being smarter than you I'd take that as a compliment if you were smarter than you are. I can tell you're the kind of person who "prefers trying to think through these situations". It's call analysis paralysis and it commonly afflicts those who can't grasp the seriousness of certain situations that require quick decisions. If we don't know what the political and social issues are in Central America are at this stage of the game then we certainly don't need to spend any more time analyzing that before sealing our own borders. You go ahead and "think about it some more".

I must have severely offended you when you stated these illegals weren't coming to this country illegally because they were actually turning themselves in but that was an ignorant statement.

"I'm not trespassing merely by knocking on your door." So answer me Lang, are these people crossing the threshold into our country or are we bringing them over? You can spew all the silliness you want about understanding and comprehension but it's pretty obvious who's having the comprehension problem here.

Kevin Lang

Analysis paralysis. You make me laugh. I'm perfectly capable of making decisions on the fly when necessary. I'm not capable of jumping to conclusions without gathering any information.

Are you trying to pull me from your house into yours? I'm not sure I like that idea.

For at least the second time, you don't offend me. Granted, you try, but you've got a long way to go if you actually want to offend me. Just as you wonder where I get some of my ideas, I wonder what holes you're pulling your stuff out of.

From what I can tell, whether they're coming through at regulated border crossing, or coming across at other points in the border, we don't seem to be having much trouble finding them. So, if they're sneaking in, they aren't doing a very good job of it.

Despite your desire to characterize me as such, I'm not in favor of us just throwing our doors open to them. However, just like if we found a 15 year-old kid from Corpus Christi walking in our neighborhoods, I'm not in favor of just turning them around and making them walk back home. That's not the way we Americans are wired. Even if we think their parents don't care about their safety, WE do. Whether their destination is a loving and caring family here, or one back in their home countries, we are going to ensure they have safe passage. And, if any of them turn out to be legitimate political asylum cases, we will find room for them, just as we did with the Cubans in the 60s. I doubt we'll find anywhere near as many political refugees in this group as we did in with the Cubans in the 60s. We may not even find as many as we did during the Haitian situation some years back.

Evelyn Clark

bvresident, it was Mr. Bush who sign the law. Npw you want to blame President for folloowing the law.Its DAM if you do (BLACK) and DAM if you don't (BLACK).

Don't be so mean when some one do not agree with you.
God bless you.


Carlos Ponce

mytoby, like all laws on the books, President Obama interprets it in his unique way. The law President Bush signed in 2008 was designed to curb sex trafficking into this country. To his credit President Obama has promised that the children will be returned to their native lands. What's wrong is he wants $4 billion dollars to do it. Sounds like a hostage situation to me. In the meantime the Border Patrol can't to an adequate job of stopping gangsters, terrorists and drug dealers from entering this country. They're too busy baby sitting.

Lars Faltskog

Response to vic krc posted at 3:23 pm on Thu, Jul 10, 2014:

Well, I suppose it's up to each individual to determine if what he/she reads in scripture is referenced by a holy creature, the devil, Satan, or someone in between.

There are those who think the likes of Pat Robertson are aligned with Satan. Maybe, maybe not, but even if he's a crackpot, he has the right to his TV show and to "use" and quote scripture. I think you and JBG want to justify turning away innocent children, and you feel bad that there's folks "less Christian" who call you on it. Oh well...everyone has his/her own "cross to bear".

Victor Krc

I never even implied that you or anyone else is "less Christian" than me or anybody else, merely pointing out that quoting Scripture in a context of belittling people by calling them names and being condescending to them is not an effective way of spreading the Gospel: dare I say it to be hypocritical.

I don't want to split theological or biblical hairs with you, but what is a "holy creature"? An angel, maybe. Also I understand the devil and Satan as different names for the same creature. Maybe not? No matter.

I agree the children are innocent, they are only doing what their parents told them to do. Are these children better off with their parents or with distant relatives or strangers? If with their parents, then I suppose we should also let the families into the country? What do you think?

It seems to me from reading your other postings that you are in favor of open borders. Am I right? If so, not even mentioning national security issues, how do you propose to pay for the support of all of the people that such a policy would bring? If not, then I think the only way we can deal with this is to treat the children humanely while they are here - feed, clothe, shelter them and provide any medical care they need, and then return them to their families.

As kevjlang mentioned, there may be some of these children that we could consider as refugees and we could give them asylum.

Lars Faltskog

Well, vic krc -
It's not a matter of supporting or not supporting "open borders". It's merely responsive efforts that our society must make in order for us to manage the series of crises. It shouldn't matter what you or I philosophically believe. They are here. So, on moral ground - what are we to do with them? Yes...feed, clothe, educate, shelter.

I think you are correct. They probably should be returned to their families, if they choose to do so and if they're accompanied by an adult who can vouch that the child is making the right decision. In reality, many of them probably will return to their homeland. There's many charter bus stops in the Houston area that have buses coming and going all the time.

Chris Gimenez

Hey folks, Kevin Lang seems to believe these illegals are sitting on the Mexico side of our borders and asking to be allowed to come over to the U.S. and we're bringing them here. As a result they are not actually here in the U.S. illegally.

Does anyone believe that is what's happening? Can anyone provide any evidence whatsoever that these illegals aren't being apprehended on our side of the border and are therefore here legally?

"Why are we calling these Central American people "illegals" when they didn't sneak across the border, but presented themselves for legal processing? They aren't doing anything here yet that is illegal." (Kevin Lang)

"You haven't broken any laws merely by knocking on the door. I'm not trespassing merely by knocking on your door." (Kevin Lang)

Wow. Folks, this is the mentality of the Left and that's why this country is in such dire straits.

Kevin Lang

Stand up and take some bows, bvresident. Be proud that you can come onto the forum and try to launch personal attacks.

Clap Clap Bravo Cheer!

Call them whatever you want. Just don't call them humans. They sure don't seem to be inclined to stealth.

Chris Gimenez

Why are you so angry Lang? All I did was point out the ignorance in your statements. I didn't say it-you did. Why do feel that's a personal attack? Am I lying about what you said? Help me understand where I'm wrong about what you wrote. Also, I've never said these people weren't human-I said they weren't coming to our country and going through the legal immigration process. Again, why does the truth upset you so much and why do you have to insinuate I'm referring to these people in a way that I haven't?

Kevin Lang

bvresident, I hope you had a nice Independence Day weekend, and that you have a nice night.

Lars Faltskog

Well, bvresident:

A child who is under 18 is simply not "of age" to know what he's doing. Sure, we can split hairs and glean that perhaps a 13-17 year old has a clue as to what's happening to him/her. But, by and large, these children have tangential knowledge of the difficulties their country is facing. They likely aren't deciding to come over here on their own. That's why we can't technically call them "illegals".

But, I hasten to say in this case: "What's in a name"? So what if they're "illegal" or if we call them "refugees". Does the semantic difference(s) affect what we should do with them? Here's a good question for all of you "let's ship them back" believers:

Would you tell your preacher/parish priest this Sunday that you believe in turning away children? That doesn't sound "godly".

Chris Gimenez

I stand by my assertion that you're a certified loon. But here's a story that will make you and all your compassionate left-wing loonies very proud-just a poor illegal trying to make a better life in this country.


Carlos Ponce

sverige says"A child who is under 18 is simply not 'of age' to know what he's doing." You must be an expert to make such a bold statement. What are your credentials. I beg to differ with you but then I've only taught over 3000 of them. It varies from child to child but knowing children from such backgrounds I know they grow up faster if not pampered.

Chris Gimenez

Did anyone believe this wasn't so before it was actually made public?


Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 8:02 am on Fri, Jul 11, 2014:

What is wrong with law-abiding voting aged Muslim Americans expressing their opinion about our President? If you or I happened to be Muslim American, would our opinion be less?

What if we saw a story that said that over 60% of proclaimed Klansman membered Americans approved of George "Shrub" Bush? Would that be a travesty, or would that be "OK"?

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 7:50 am on Fri, Jul 11, 2014:

So, the old "let's post a story about a US citizen being killed by an illegal immigrant" to justify turning away children who haven't had time yet to commit such dastardly deeds.

I for one would not find any more comfort knowing that perhaps it would have been a 5th generation "native" Texan who murdered my loved one as opposed to an "illegal". You do know that happens quite often - long-time US citizens also commit crimes. So, again - if it happens to be an "illegal" who commits murder, then I suppose we should send away all strange-sounding folks with questionable surnames. Hilarious.

BTW - these thousand-plus children aren't "illegal aliens". They are minors who were unwillingly led across the border. Many will attend schools and perhaps one day be a responsible adult who is glad he/she ended up here. You have a quite negative view towards humanity, thinking that these children are going to all become criminals.

Jackson Hancock

18% of the invading illegals are children. Of those 18%, only about half are under the age of 12. The rest are in the "gang" age 13 to 19.
Cities and Counties do not have the option of picking who is dumped in their counties. The Federal government is not informing, asking or collaborating with the local governments. In other words, you do not get to choose to take "just the chlidren".
Once they arrive, they are given an immigration hearing date, welfare benefits and basic emergency needs. What local (Conroe) officials have stated is that about 80% of the 1000 that were delivered to the facility there received this package and walked out the back door never to be seen or heard from again. There is no way of tracking or tracing and they do not show up for the immigration hearing which is now so backlogged that there is no possible way to manage the incoming case load.
So before you think with your heart, think about the impact this will have on you and your family. Taxes will have to go up to cover the ISD's influx of new students who were not included in the budget. Emergency rooms will be full(er) and the Federal government is not reimbursing ISD's or Muncipalities/Counties for the added expense. This is an open magnet for more and more to come (see Derailed Train of 1300 immigrants). If you want to do the humanitarian thing, donate to the charities that are caring for them at the border counties. Then ask your local officials to turn off the magnet that is jeopardizing so many children. Houston is now the #1 of hub of human/sex trafficking with an endless supply being seized upon by the drug cartels and gangs.

Kevin Lang

Why is there no way to track/trace the immigrants up to their hearing dates? It sounds like a cop-out to me. Law enforcement seems to have lots of ways of keeping track of people they want to keep track of. Should they keep their appointments? Of course they should. Should we be doing something to make sure they do? Definitely.

If you want to be sure of something, don't leave it to chance.

Chris Gimenez

It's not local law enforcement's responsibility nor do they have the manpower or funding to chase these "humans" down. That is the responsibility of DHS.


All the IA"s in this picture look like decent, law-abiding, lawn crew workers who will no doubt adapt to the customs and norms and laws of our society.

And then there's this:


The public is being lied to by the Obama administration about the massive problem this is now and will be in the future for this country.

Kevin Lang

Did I write "local". If I did, it must have been in imaginary type, because I certainly don't see it. Is "local" the only law enforcement we have in this country?

Enforcement of immigration laws is a federal role. That they haven't upheld their role over the past decades doesn't mean they CAN'T or they WON'T. We may be safe in assuming they won't. I guess a good part of that could be determined by Congress. They could always take money from some pork-barrel project to hire more DHS officers to make sure that we know where people are while they're waiting for hearings. Probably won't happen, though. No one wants to kill pork from a district their party holds, nor one they think their party can gain.

No one has tried to convince me that this is a small issue. I fully understand the significance. That's why I want to make sure that our handling of it is properly thought out, and that we not only address the current symptoms, but also get to the root of the problems so that we aren't faced with hundreds of thousands more cases like this.

My bet is that it will cost more than $20 to send 57K home. I'll bet it will still cost more than $20 to send 150K home. And that's if we just turn them around and boot them back across the Rio Grande. It will cost more that $20 per person to do that.

What do you say we pull 100K people off the unemployment line, train them as National Guardsmen and Border Patrol agents? That will lower the unemployment rate, albeit we'll still have those people drawing government checks. On the other hand, we can feel like we've created a deterrent for the next batch of undesirables from coming in. However, what if the response is to send half a million to try to flood our capacity?

I'm fully aware that we have a culture of not enforcing our immigration laws, especially along the southern border. I'm also fully aware that our neglect has allowed lots of hardened criminals to come on in. However, I also understand that there's a lot of shame on us, too, for the neglect. Yes, shame on them for violating our laws, but shame on us for not enforcing them. I'm not sure that our response should be fashioned around an assumption that

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 11:08 am on Fri, Jul 11, 2014:

Well, carlos -
You can "beg to differ" all you want, but current laws have different punishment parameters for minors under 18. If you and I really get to know and love our children and our brothers' and sisters' children, we often talk about how even a 19 or 20 year old still doesn't quite "know what he/she is doing". That's just a fact of the life cycle.

Children under 18 do not always know what's best for them and can't make adult decisions. What's so difficult to comprehend about that? And teaching 3000 or more of them ought to make you aware of that even more.

Carlos Ponce

Like I said, the less "pampered" they were the more they had to grow up quickly. I doubt if children brought up with game systems, being driven to practice, having three square meals a day and are constantly on cell phones with friends could hop a freight train and travel across a country. And I did not say everyone could make "adult decisions". There are some I have taught who had to care for themselves and siblings at an early age. They had to make "adult decisions" early, some as early as 11. I stand by my statement "It varies from child to child but knowing children from such backgrounds I know they grow up faster if not pampered." My credentials, I've dealt with over 3000 adolescents, and yours??????

Chris Gimenez

Here's the truth about what's going on behind the scenes with all these innocent, young children. Now Servitude and Lang and NurseJayne and truthlessserum won't admit to this because their misguided "compassion" doesn't allow for the facts to intercede.


Coming to a city near you.

Evelyn Clark

I don'j have much, but I am willing to help in any way I can. I volunteers quit often,.thank God for a good life. Some of you should try it , you might like.it


Marc Edelman

This whole issue exemplifies the major problem in League City government. City government passing ordinances to deal with problems that don't exist and distract I g the voters with faux

George Croix

We buy fire extinguishers te be prepared in case we have a fire, and lock our doors to keep from being broken into, and so on...
Same principal.
A couple months ago, the huge problem facing the folks down on the border was 'non-existent'...

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