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My name is sister Caroline, am a nun. I saw this parade in honor of Princess Claire. I am going to begin a novena for her healing.
May God bless all those who made this day special . Let's all join to pray for healing for Claire.
Sr caroline

Kelly Brewton

I would say this shocks me the turnout... but Dickinson is like this. We pull together when there is a need. Amazing to be from a small town with BIG HEART ...praying for Claire and her family

Lars Faltskog

Considering how times have changed through the decades, who wants to delve into this question:

Do Catholic men generally still think that praying the rosary is "woman's work"? I've always heard my mom say that "real men don't pray the rosary".

Carlos Ponce

With all due respect to your mother, praying the Rosary is not restricted by gender nor to Catholics. I pray it often. In prayer meetings held in my home town it is prayed by quite a few men who lead lead in recitation. It is prayed by Anglicans and some Lutherans as well.To answer your question the answer is No, Catholic men do not generally still think phat praying the Rosary is "woman's work". I've never heard that. My father, my brothers, my nephews, my uncles, my grandfathers, my great-grandfathers all prayed the Rosary.

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